Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~kicks the dirt~


there are just too many places to update these days...

all is well, very well.

I will post soon. yes yes yes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Am I a bad mom, or did our parents flat out lie to us?

This was the first xmas the kids were all given money and allowed to shop for us (in a controlled gift buying program at school) without us knowing what they were picking.

It was awesome - they were SO STOKED to give us what ~they~ picked out for us. They could barely keep it a secret. They all gave us their presents, proud as proud could be.

And it all sucked.

Of course we oo'ed and ah'ed. We hugged and kissed. They beamed. And now I have to wear a shirt covered with pictures of large diamonds, with the letters M-O-M blazened across the front.

I'm going to find the people who stock the xmas gift program at their school and I'm going to kick their asses. Then I'm going to take their jobs and stock their store with stuff that could be considered at least somewhat cool. Oh - and after their asses are sufficiently kicked, I'm going to make them wear diamond tshirts.