Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ella graduates from kindergarten in the morning. I'm so very proud of her! Onto first grade.

And in a short eight weeks, Allison starts kindergarten. Wow. Two kids in school. I'm flabbergasted!

Congratulations my dear Ella. We are so proud of you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

talent show

KToday is the big talent show at Ella's school. She is in two performances. One wiill be her singing with 4 backup singers and the other is one with a group of teachers. I'm just so proud of her. The whole family is going to see her - mommy and daddy and both sets of grandparents. Go Ella!

The other two kids are doing great. Allison is excited at the prospect of starting kindergarten. And Karl is such a boy! I can't believe how much of a boy he is. The difference between him and the girls is night and day. Its amazing. I should call him Karl the Destroyer as he destroys anything he gets his little hands on. I gave him a little snowglobe to look at and within seconds, he spiked it on the ground, smshing it into little pieces. My mistake!

So all is well on the western front. I hope its the same for all of you!