Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uck, uck, oose!

Karl loves playing duck, duck, goose with me and his sisters. He goes around the circle, touching each of our heads, until he screams out "oose!" and squeals in delight as he runs away from the goose. He doesn't run in the circle though, instead just running in any direction to get away from the goose. It's absolutely adorable.

The girls had their first professional massage today. And I was right, they loved it. They laid so still on the table, soaking up the good vibes from an awesome massage. When we were leaving, they even gave our massage therapist a hug. I guess they felt comfortable with him.

They were fully clothed for the massage, which I think was a good idea, especially for their first time. Our therapist said eventually, when they are more relaxed about the massage itself, he will have them take off their shirts and work with them under the sheets. He said they would keep their shorts/panties on, but he could get to their neck/shoulders/back better without a shirt on. Of course I'd be in the room the whole time, so i'll be comfortable with it. My massage therapist is ~very~ professional so I'm cool with it.

Argh! The kids are driving me nutso talking about Halloween and they keep hounding me for the answer to WHEN they get to go buy their costume. I'm seriously asked like 15 times a day. It's going to get worse before it gets better though. Hell, it's not even October yet!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's time for my girls to find out the wonderfulness that is massage. I'm taking the girls tomorrow to my massage therapist for their first massage! I'll be in the room with them and we'll start with 20 min sessions, but I'm betting they are going to love it.

What do you girls think of getting massages for children?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I kept my baby with me today.

I have Karl in daycare only two days per week for seven hours per day. Today I just couldn't stand the thought of giving him up to school so I kept him. It's like playing reverse hooky.

We've spent the day playing together and it's been wonderful. Right now he is sleeping and looks so sweet. I sneak in and look at him all the time. There is something about a sleeping baby that just melts my heart. I cant tell you how many pictures I have of Karl (and the girls) sleeping.

Do you ever just go in and wake up a sleeping baby just because you can? I'm terrible at it. But they are just so cuddly when they first wake up. Especially when they don't want to be awake. I love my cuddle bug!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cooler nights = new wardrobe.

We went out the other night and I had to put the children in warmer clothes. It made me realize the only person to have clothes that fit was Allison since she uses ella's hand me downs. Both Karl and Ella needs a fall/winter wardrobe.

The girls wearing school uniforms helps a bit, which is nice. I bought some pants and long sleeved shirts at the beginning of the school year when everything was on sale. But regular clothes is a different story.

I bought a bunch of clothes today for Karl at target. And picked up a few pair of jeans for the girls. I will wait for the next 20% off sale at target to get ella's new clothes.

I did go a little crazy with the shoes for the girls though. I bought some brown mary janes for each of them and got the cutest ugg knockoffs too. So flippin cute. I also got some clearance flip flops and some slippers too. Hello. My name is nancy and I'm a shoeaholic.

Along with being addicted to shoes, I'm also addicted to coats and jackets. On the way out of the store, I spied their new jacket collection. I got myself a beige overcoat and the cutest sage green fitted jacket by converse. I swear I have about two dozen jackets. I'm horrible! But that's all I bought for myself.

I wish these kids didn't grow so much! Or at least slow down so I didn't have to buy a complete new wardrobe with every change of the season.

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Roller skating

I enrolled the girls in a roller skating class. Today was their first lesson. Ella did great but Allison is having a bit of trouble.

Its so hard watching your own kid struggle. I wanted to run out there and scoop her up and tell her everything will be alright. But I left her on her own, letting her learn on her own.

Good job girls! Momma is very proud of you!

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Monday, September 6, 2010


I went to my doctor appointment last week and there was a woman there who gushed all over Karl. She kept telling me Karl should go into modeling.

I guess Karl ~is~ a cutie patootie. And not just cute to his mother's eye. It was sweet to hear her go on and on. Normally I would be annoyed over a stranger going on and on over something in a doctor's waiting room. But what mother doesn't want to hear their kid is gorgeous? ~smile~

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