Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's like stealing candy from a baby.

Or for that matter, a five year old.

I took a baggy filled with Nerds away from Allie the other day for one reason or another. I just saw it sitting there and before I gave it back to her, I took a handful for myself.

I just now gave it back to her and she was so happy she got it back. Nice she didn't notice that handful missing!

Ahhhh. The joys of motherhood. Motherhood meaning the ultimate boss in everything they say or do. /< insert evil laughter here />

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Friday, March 4, 2011

I don't know how "they" do it.

And by "they", I mean those women with many children. And while I'm at it, I don't know how SAHMs do it for years on end. Or daycare providers. Or teachers.

My last couple days have been child inundated. Ella's last year's kindergarten teacher was in a bind Wednesday after school, suddenly having to find daycare for her three year old. Since I am currently a SAHM for the most part, I offered to watch him yesterday and today.

So my days have consisted of getting up at 6:45a, getting the girls ready and driving them to school at 7:30a. I drop them off and then swing by my friend's classroom and pick up her son. I then go about my daily routine with two little boys in tow. Oh my gosh how boys play differently from girls!

At 3:15p, I drop her boy off and pick up my two girls, then I continue my day as a SAHM of three kids, which consists of: laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning up the dinner mess, supervising homework, baths, play time, getting all three ready for bed, putting them down, pack their snacks for the next day, laying out school clothes and do a general clean up of the living room. By then it's 9:30/10p and I sit down for the first time in the day.

Today, I turned it up a notch and I decided to let the girls have their first slumber party with two little girls from school.


I just took a 15-20 minute shower, it being in my top five longest showers in my life. Hopefully the warm water will put my body into sleep mode. I have chronic insomnia and it's about this time my body perks up and gives me a huge second wind, making me wide awake until my body gives out between 2a - 4a. It's a fabulous combination I tell you.

How do women with more than three kids do it? And how do career SAHMs do this year after year? My hat is off to them.

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