Tuesday, February 22, 2011

104.8. Yeah, strep ~really~ sucks!

Karl had a low grade fever for a couple days. Only high enough once to give him medication. (I only give tylenol or motrin if the fever is over 101.4, which my pediatrician agrees with.)

This morning when he woke up, it was 103. Awesome. I called his pediatrician and due to the strep going around our house, they wanted him to come in to get swabbed. His poor little body had a temp of 102.6 when we got there, only a mere 3 hours after giving him his last dose of Tylenol. The nurse swabbed his throat and left us there to wait for the doctor.

When the doc came in, he confirmed what I feared. Strep.

So a prescription of antibiotics was written. Instead of sending us on our way, he asked about the other two kids. Ella is already on day three of her antibiotic, but so far, Allie hasn't gotten strep. So he decided to write out a second script of amoxicillan, for her. He said steep is so damned contagious, she was at high risk to develop it too. He explained how he is not pro-antibiotic, especially when they don't really need it, but in our case, he thought it was the right decision to make. Now all three kids will be covered during the contagious parts of the bacterial infection, so hopefully no one will share it again.

I just got home from girl scouts and it felt like Karl was burning up. 104.8! My poor baby boy. I quickly got him into a cool bath, which he shook and screamed during the entire time. A dosage of Tylenol and 30 minutes later, his temp is just below 102 and he's laughing and playing.

Ugh. Strep is no joke. Please, please, please, let my kids get better soon!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strep sucks.

After a two/three days of a 103 fever that was not responding to medication except bringing it down no more than a degree for an hour or two, a night of spiking a 104 degree fever and four hours at urgent care, Ella has tested positive for strep group a. Again.

I knew something was up and just had a feeling it wasn't just a virus. Of course, the morning I take her to urgent care, the Tylenol and Motrin decide to kick in. When she had her temp taken in triage, it was only 99.5. The doc said she looked "good" and said it was most likely just a virus. But he would take the throat swab, just in case, stating, "it will be negative".

Fifteen minutes later, we walks in and says, " whattya know, it's clearly positive". So she is on another round of antibiotics for another ten days. Hopefully this time, it won't go around the family and get back to her (she had it three weeks ago).

Funny thing, when I talked to the MA at her pediatrician's office on Friday, she asked if I had changed her toothbrush after being on meds for 24 hours. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It sounds completely reasonable, I have just never heard of it!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have three various cans of formula here I am not using:

~ 1 8oz can Similac Advance
~ 1 12.9 can Similac Advance w/ EarlyShield
~ 1 12.5 can Enfamil Premium Lipil

If you can use, and most importantly USE any of these for ~your~ baby, leave me a comment here and email me at and I will send it out to you. Please, if you don't really need them, let someone else who may be struggling take them. I can easily donate them to our local shelter but as always, I would rather give them out to some in need.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy birthday Karl!

Okay, so it is not really his birthday. It was actually a month ago but I was still in my hiatus so now is a better time than any.

He turned the big 2. I can't believe I have already gotten to have two years with my son. He is amazing.

He is starting (finally) to talk more. Definitely behind, but I am no longer worried about it. He will try to repeat any word you ask him now and he is putting two words together also. His pediatrician says that if other people cannot understand 50% of what he says in another 4 months, we will have to start some early type of speech therapy. So we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Having a son is so different than having a daughter. He is such a momma's boy and I ~love~ it. Both the girls are Daddy's girls and I never got that kind of attention before. Now I finally feel what it's like and I freaking adore it. I feel a little bad for my husband when he tries to get some cuddle time with him and all he wants is his mommy, but Tom has gotten that from the girls for the past six years so now it's my time. And I'm eating it up.

We shaved karl's head into a mohawk and I love it. When we go out in public, we get three types of attention. Those who don't pay any attention at all. Those who look at him, and then me, and shake their heads in disgust. And then we get huge smiles from people, telling me how freaking cute he is. And I have to say the latter happens way more than anything else. I have a picture of him on my phone, so I will upload it to this blog soon so you can see me little man.

Karl has almost but given his crib completely up. He now likes to sleep in his "big boy" bed. It is a full size bed and he looks so tiny in it. I also have pictures of him sleeping in it and i'll upload those too, hopefully tonight.

The girls are all doing well. No big updates for them right now. They continue to do well in school and have transitioned into little helpers for me at home. It's great.

More later... Keep tuned in for pictures very soon!

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