Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maybe he doesn't have a machine ...

Before I relay this conversation, let me tell you a little background about non-mommy Nancy.

Pre-children, I didn't talk about farting. I didn't hide the fact we as humans do fart, but I left it as private. If I had gas, I'd go out of the room. I never did the farting under the sheets and stick my boyfriend's head in the cloud thing. I never had a boyfriend do that to me (One of my boyfriends may have one time but they quickly learned I didn't find it funny.) If someone else farted in front of me, I would completely ignore it. No laughing, nothing.

Now that I have children, this type of a conversation I just had is very normal. In fact, at age 36, I finally find farting funny.

~hearing rapid farting coming from one of my children~
Me: "Allison, did you just fart?"
Allie: "No!"
Ella: "I heard her fart. I hear her fart all the time."
Me: "Well, I hear you fart all the time. And I hear Allie fart. And you both hear mommy fart."
Ella: "What about daddy??"
Me: "Actually, I've never heard daddy fart. Have you?"
Ella: "Nope. Maybe daddy doesn't have a farter machine."

The cuteness of these types of conversations is that these things children say, well, they are totally, 100% serious about them. So matter of fact. Like really, it ~is~ possible that daddy does ~not~ have a "farter machine".


Cate said...

I love your girls, they say the cutest things, makes me excited for when Lex starts to talk.

Karyn with a Y said...

Ok that made me bust out laughing! My husband doesn't have a farter machine either. It's so strange, I just wonder how or when he does it because I know he has to!

Carrie Ann said...

Farting under the sheets then putting your partner's head under the sheets with your fart is called a 'Dutch Oven" - not sure why it's called that... hehehe

Anonymous said...

That is just super cute! Hope hubby does indeed have a "farter machine" to release that pressure from ~somewhere~ ;)

Laurel said...

Ummm I would like to know how you get a husband without a farter machine! I got the short end of the stick on that one. Funny to think I think I haven't heard Tom fart either. I've heard Jason, Pete (of course), Brad, Mark, and every other man friend we have but not Tom. Makes me like Tom even more! Heh!

Kathy said...

That is too cute!!! you gotta just love what kids come up with all by themselves!! It is amazing!!!

I agree how did youget one without a farter machine? you lucky girl! I totally got screwed on that end!! :)

Amanda said...

LOL! The things that come out of childrens mouths! That is too freakin funny.