Friday, June 4, 2010

talent show

KToday is the big talent show at Ella's school. She is in two performances. One wiill be her singing with 4 backup singers and the other is one with a group of teachers. I'm just so proud of her. The whole family is going to see her - mommy and daddy and both sets of grandparents. Go Ella!

The other two kids are doing great. Allison is excited at the prospect of starting kindergarten. And Karl is such a boy! I can't believe how much of a boy he is. The difference between him and the girls is night and day. Its amazing. I should call him Karl the Destroyer as he destroys anything he gets his little hands on. I gave him a little snowglobe to look at and within seconds, he spiked it on the ground, smshing it into little pieces. My mistake!

So all is well on the western front. I hope its the same for all of you!


Logical Mommy said...

A friend of mine had 2 kids a year apart. She calls them "search" and "destroy."

Kristin said...

Hehe, Karl the Destroyer is nicer than what I refer to my 3 boys as. I call them my hellions or say I have 3 of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Good luck to Ella in the talent show.

Lisa said...

Enjoy the show! I am sure it will be great.

Sarah R said...

Yay Ella! That is exciting.

Isn't it weird how a few years ago you couldn't envision having a boy and now you know the differences between boys and girls? I am now finding out how different a girl is, or maybe it's just a different personality, but it's definitely not the same!

Melissa said...

That's funny, I call Connor, destructor!