Tuesday, February 22, 2011

104.8. Yeah, strep ~really~ sucks!

Karl had a low grade fever for a couple days. Only high enough once to give him medication. (I only give tylenol or motrin if the fever is over 101.4, which my pediatrician agrees with.)

This morning when he woke up, it was 103. Awesome. I called his pediatrician and due to the strep going around our house, they wanted him to come in to get swabbed. His poor little body had a temp of 102.6 when we got there, only a mere 3 hours after giving him his last dose of Tylenol. The nurse swabbed his throat and left us there to wait for the doctor.

When the doc came in, he confirmed what I feared. Strep.

So a prescription of antibiotics was written. Instead of sending us on our way, he asked about the other two kids. Ella is already on day three of her antibiotic, but so far, Allie hasn't gotten strep. So he decided to write out a second script of amoxicillan, for her. He said steep is so damned contagious, she was at high risk to develop it too. He explained how he is not pro-antibiotic, especially when they don't really need it, but in our case, he thought it was the right decision to make. Now all three kids will be covered during the contagious parts of the bacterial infection, so hopefully no one will share it again.

I just got home from girl scouts and it felt like Karl was burning up. 104.8! My poor baby boy. I quickly got him into a cool bath, which he shook and screamed during the entire time. A dosage of Tylenol and 30 minutes later, his temp is just below 102 and he's laughing and playing.

Ugh. Strep is no joke. Please, please, please, let my kids get better soon!

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jenn said...

Poor babies!! I hope everyone is back to normal really soon!!

Lisa said...

There's nothing worse than sick babies. Here's to hoping they get better soon...

Shannon said...

Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon. I had it twice in November (first time in decades) and the only reason I knew the kids had it was because as soon as I was finished with my meds I got it again.

From what I hear it's been a bad year for strep all over. Hopefully this is the end of it for the year.

Sarah R said...

Ugh! I had it once, and I remember it. I missed a friend's birthday party because of it. No fun!

Hollie said...

Poor babies. I hope they get better soon. There is no worse feeling in the world than sick babies.