Friday, March 4, 2011

I don't know how "they" do it.

And by "they", I mean those women with many children. And while I'm at it, I don't know how SAHMs do it for years on end. Or daycare providers. Or teachers.

My last couple days have been child inundated. Ella's last year's kindergarten teacher was in a bind Wednesday after school, suddenly having to find daycare for her three year old. Since I am currently a SAHM for the most part, I offered to watch him yesterday and today.

So my days have consisted of getting up at 6:45a, getting the girls ready and driving them to school at 7:30a. I drop them off and then swing by my friend's classroom and pick up her son. I then go about my daily routine with two little boys in tow. Oh my gosh how boys play differently from girls!

At 3:15p, I drop her boy off and pick up my two girls, then I continue my day as a SAHM of three kids, which consists of: laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning up the dinner mess, supervising homework, baths, play time, getting all three ready for bed, putting them down, pack their snacks for the next day, laying out school clothes and do a general clean up of the living room. By then it's 9:30/10p and I sit down for the first time in the day.

Today, I turned it up a notch and I decided to let the girls have their first slumber party with two little girls from school.


I just took a 15-20 minute shower, it being in my top five longest showers in my life. Hopefully the warm water will put my body into sleep mode. I have chronic insomnia and it's about this time my body perks up and gives me a huge second wind, making me wide awake until my body gives out between 2a - 4a. It's a fabulous combination I tell you.

How do women with more than three kids do it? And how do career SAHMs do this year after year? My hat is off to them.

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Robin said...

I'm sure it is very tough, but you are forgetting that there should be two people caring for the kids. Where's Daddy? I mean, I know that is not the case every time... and I know that with our one DH has pretty much just sort of resigned to the fact that he doesn't have to do anything... but.. I guess what I'm saying is if you have three plus you HAVE to have Daddy's help if he is around.

jenn said...

I only know one woman with four kids. She & her hubby both work, but they have a ton of family around. Her parents live with them & watch the 2 youngest during the day. Her hubbies schedule is flexible to allow for him to handle some doctor appointments, school pick-ups etc. They have aunts & uncles in the area for watching the kids when needed. From their experience it really does take a village!!!

Hollie said...

You are doing a great job Nancy. I don't know how they do it either. They probably just take it one day at a time!

mommybird said...

I have 4, it's not much different than 3 actually. I get overwhelmed a lot, but really just take it one day at a time. And yes boys do play a lot different than girls. :)

Kristin said...

Boys really do play differently than girls and it can be exhausting.

That said, it sounds like you are doing an great job.

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Would love to work PT but SAHM... couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

I have 4 and I am a SAHM. I'm always, always tired. But in a good way. I think at the end of the day it's a good exhaustion. But exhaustion, nonetheless.

I have to plan a lot, but something else I've learned is that sometimes plans don't work out 100% perfect when you have a gaggle of kiddos. I will also agree that 4 is not SO much more work or harder than 3, once you're used to it and into a routine. The only reason I think my situation may be a little harder is that my 2yo doesn't see any logical reason to sleep. :D

But's a lot of work and sometimes it can get mundane, although I wouldn't trade being a SAHM for the world. We don't have any family who helps us out, so it's all on us and sometimes that is stressful when you have sick kids and ER visits and such.

On the same token, I am in awe of mommies with 3, 4, even MORE kids, who work full time and seem to have it all together. Kudos! I couldn't do it, I am not that talented. :)

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April said...

I don't know how Mom's like you can do it with THREE kids! My friend has three (9, 2 and 11 months) and some days when we hang out with them...I'm in total and utter AWE of her multi-tasking. I can barely hack it some days with ONE (granted one very feisty, busy, tantrum-throwing, mischief-making, crazy 20 month old! LOL). Guess I'll be learning how to cope with two pretty soon. I guess you just learn as you go? :-)

Carrie said...

It's not easy to take care 3 to 4 kids,we may feel exhausted,stress,
or anything.But at the end of the day you can say that you did a great job for your kids.
great post!