Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ella the sarcasm monster. Allison the sensitive one. Karl the mommy's boy.

I see so much of myself in Ella. The things she says in retort to something have me cracking up more than not. She is definitely the one my mother wanted me to have so I "got it back". Although I correct her when she does it, i'm secretly "right on!"

Allison is one huge bag of feelings. I asked her the other day if Ella liked boys yet. The answer was no. Then I asked her if she liked boys yet. She immediately broke down crying and said between sobs "you are embarresing me! Heh, I guess she does like boys.

Karl. What a different relationship I have with him. He's a momma's boy and he knows it. Like most last kids, he gets away with murder. We went to a wedding the other day. Mother/Father dance (father was my brother), I was fine. But the mother/son dance? holy shit. I don't think I'll make it through without crying if I started training now.


jenn said...

I love the mother/son bond I already see developing between my little bear & me, I am sure I will be right with you bawling my eyes out! Of course my daddy's girl will have him completely undone!

Lisa said...

I love the mother son relationship as well. Of course I don't know anything different so I have nothing to compare it to. But I wouldn't change a thing!

Welcome back to blogland. You've been missed...

Heather said...

Awww! So cute! I have the one daughter. She's my mini-me by personality only. She's my legacy I'll leave with the world. Tommy is my first born boy (first of the twins). He's a bull in a china shop, but so sweet and happy most of the time. But developing somewhat of a temper. Poor kid. Both his parents can have tempers. We've learned to handle ours though. Liam is my mini-me through and through!!! He looks like me, acts like me. He's cranky, sensitive and really really looks just like pics of me as a small child. Just with a lot less hair, LOL! Even though Liam is my mini-me, I can't say I favor him over my other two. Tommy is my mommy's boy. And he can be so cuddly sometimes and he's so good to cuddle built like the mini-linebacker that he is. Love them all!!!

Any my daughter was a daddy's girl until she turned about six years old. Then she wanted to follow me everywhere.