Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I Wish I Knew

"What I Wish I Knew" is a document a few dozen mommies compiled together to help out the new expectant mothers on the pregnancy boards.

~ It is not edited.

~ It is not "fact" based, but experience based.

~ What one women went through, the next woman may not.

It's broken up into different sections:
~ "You"
~ "Labor & Delivery"
~ "Breast feeding / Formula feeding"
~ "Newborn Care"
~ "Baby Stuff"
~ "At home and After"

This document belongs to me, so please offer my URL to anyone who you want to share it with. I'd appreciate it!

Again, click on and download "What I Wish I Knew" and read through it if you'd like to read it!


Carrie said...

That was awesome. Love the tip on getting gift cards for all sorts of places ahead of time. Good call.

I read something once that really struck me that may be a good addition to the patience section: "Remember that while you are adjusting to life with baby, baby is adjusting to life."

Jewels said...

I read this feeling like "Its been 14 years, I feel like a first time mom again, I could re-learn", but In reading it, I realize I am a second time mom. It may have been 14 years, but I do remember, the shock, the emotions, how it was nothing like I had ever been able to imagine, the ups, downs, going poop for the first time.

So this leaves me to wonder, what about second time moms?

It does get easier, right?
A little?

(My Inquiring mind wants to know)

Maybe we can make a list for second time moms to be and second time mom's already (see how self important I am)

(Some questions)
1. What I will do differently, or did differently
2. What I'm glad I know.
3. How its easier
4. How its harder
And all the other tips.

You know this, but my biggest anxiety now is will I love this child like I do my first? Will I feel I have betrayed him?

As much as moms tell me the same thing, I love to hear the answer over and over again.

If you do put together a list. Let me in on it :)

Jaime said...

Don't forget for L&D

-Don't feel bad about not wanting anyone else in the room other than your husband/SO. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing what you don't want to do in that regards. It is all about you being comfortable irregardless of what others want.
-Poop happens!

Kara said...

That was wonderful! I teared up a few times. I had forgotten some things from those first couple months at home with DS. DB will have to read this closer to the day.