Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's official. I suck.

I'm actually making my "I suck at blogging" post. Well, I don't suck at blogging, as I have 618 posts on my other blog, but I suck at this one. The funniest part is this is my "motherhood" blog, which is really what I spend most of my time doing!

Some quick updates...

Ella is sick. Fever and sore throat. She is stressing she will miss halloween, but we're doing the best we can at getting her well by then. Even if she is sick, I'll still let her trick-or-treat on the block, but she'll miss her school party tomorrow. Poor baby.

Allison is not sick. I should have sent her to school today, but I'm working from home so I thought she would keep Ella company. Bad move on my part. All she's doing is irritating Ella. One child is so much easier than two. I should have sent her to school. Oi.

Other than that, things are going normal on a daily basis. We got new carpet and I rearranged their room so I could put their play table and chairs in there instead of the living room, making room for baby. And we started on the nursery, which I am thrilled about. What is really cool is the girls are really showing more excitement about the baby's arrival, now he has his own room. (and no one said anything about him getting his own room and them sharing. sweet!) They are referring to the baby as "karl" now, instead of "baby brother", so I think it's becoming more real.

I'm going to have to make it a habit to post something about the girls everyday. Or close to it. At least something, right? I need to figure out what I'm really blogging about here. I used to wait for "something" to say, but I'm sure I just have to think about what I really want to use this space for. When I was still TTC, the separation of blogs was so black and white. If I had anything to say about kids, I did it here. But now I'm pregnant and I blog about it over there, the lines have started to blur. And then what happens when I have the baby? Do I move it all over here? Do I move it all over there? Ugh.


Hollie said...

I'm glad to hear an update about your kids. Sorry Ella is sick. I hope she gets better soon. That's good that you are getting your house ready for Karl. I was wondering what you were going to do with your two blogs when Karl comes... hmmm... One for family updates and one for funnies and everything else? Close one? Merge together somehow?

margelina said...

I know how that goes with sick kids...hope Ella is feeling better soon. Elaina was okay enough to give her motrin and make it through her party today, but now she's a wreck...oh well!
Having one blog is enough pressure, can't imagine having 2!!!
You're'll figure it out!!

Jennifer said...

I hope Ella feels better!

My friend has a 2.5 and 3.5 year old and is expecting #3 (finally a girl!). The boys are getting excited about baby Makenna. It's pretty cute, so I can imagine your girls.

A kindergartner at school was bouncing of the wall today because his new sister was born two days go. He was SO excited. I think she's supposed to come home today and mix that with Halloween...yeah. :)