Thursday, April 30, 2009

My baby is huge. A picture post.

Karl is gigantic. No, he's not big for his age or anything like that. I'm sure he's still within the 50-60 percentile, but I'm just not used to it. Or I'm just in denial. I just look at him and he looks so big! This is a picture of my mom holding him (ignore Allie, who was pissed she couldn't get in her lap too.)

This one is a bit blurry, but I just love his expression here. Such a cutie smile.

This one is him sleeping in my arms after breastfeeding. How come my favorite pictures are taken with my cell phone?

And finally, here is one of my baby girl, Allison. She is SO girlie and loves doing her hair. She came out of the bathroom the other morning before school with this hairdo. She did it all by herself! I couldn't believe it! I just think 3 1/2 years old is pretty young for doing piggy tails all by herself, complete with using actual hair ties and barrettes.


Michelle said...

He doesn't look huge to me...just LONG! :)

Love those photos... Thanks for sharing :)

Christina said...

I swear you guys make the cutest kids! He's just adorable!

Kristin said...

Absolutely adorable. And, I can't believe she did that hair!

Sarah R said...

Karl is getting big! But he still has so much "baby" left to him, so that's reassuring.

I can't believe how cute Allison did her hair! That IS pretty good.

Kerry said...

Karl is such a cutie!!!

Allison did an awesome job with her hair! I love pigtails! Julia's hair is finally long enough for pigtails.

areyoukiddingme said...

So cute! I love Allie's pouty face in the first picture. Karl has a great smile!

Morgan said...

You have such adorable kiddos!! Again, Karl reminds me SO freaking much of Mason.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww she did a great job on her hair! He is so sweet! I just want to hold and snuggle him.

Cate said...

I love Allie's hair, she's got more talent in that way than I do.

Karl looks really tall, but that happens after time doesn't it? He's got so much personality in those pictures, too darn cute!

Steph said...

Ha! That's terrific that Allison did her own hair, wow!!!

Emily is 3 1/2, and she won't even brush her own hair much less try to fix it. LOL That's just amazing, and she did SUCH a great job!

How much does Karl weigh?

My Jake will be 10 months old on 5/5 and he weighs 21 lb 8 oz, 28 inches long. I think he's HUGE. lol He's Mommy's little doughboy. ;)


Hollie said...

Precious babies. I think Karl may be a little over average! He looks so big. It's amazing how fast they grow.

Poltzie said...

That is a totally impressive hairdo! And Carl does look big but it's more like he doesn't look newbornish anymore (sorry)! He's so cute!!