Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's the "worst" duty?

For those of you who are already mommies, what have you found to be the worst duty?

Diapers? A breeze. I can clean a blowout with my eyes closed.
Breast feeding? Pahlease.
Baths? Easy peezy.

You know what I hate? (okay, hate is a pretty tough word, but you get my drift hopefully).


Hell, any kind of hand feeding. Spoonfeeding is just where it starts. Then you gotta chop up their foods, clean up, etc, etc, etc.

And you can't just skip a meal now, can you?


Kristin said...

Cleaning up puke is the WORST, especially if they've eaten hot dogs. Eeeeewwwwwww

The Captain's Wife said...

I dislike the clean up of baby puke...but honestly, not enough to complain. I have to admit...I have loved every last thing I have had the pleasure of expieriencing (sp?)since Baby K arrived.

Robin said...

My personal favorite is cleaning up a puke...out of a car seat.

Or changing sheets in the middle of the night. Ugh

You're right though about diapers. They are way over-rated.

Sarah R said...

Cleaning up Andrew after he eats something super messy, like spaghetti. I have to clean the high chair, the floor, etc. Ugh.

Kelly said...

I agree with the diapers... no problem.

Cleaning the spit-up that shoots down my cleavage...frickin gross! Miss M has amazing aim! Ick!!

areyoukiddingme said...

Vomit clean up and potty training an uninterested kid (she doesn't like to poop in her diaper, but she doesn't care about the pee). Terrible!

Morgan said...

Diaper changing is the worst to me. I have a really weak stomach but that's not the part that bothers me. It's my own kids poop so I deal with that part. But the boy fights me. He arches his back, flips, flops, rolls, turns, tries to crawl name it. If he just laid there it would be easy, haha! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say it's a three way tie between cleaning up puke, potty training and that I think about it more... My LEAST favorite- taking my girls to the potty in a public restroom!!!! Nothing disgustes me more!!!!
Especially when my three year old likes to hold on to the toliet!!! Ugh. We r working on that but I still hate bribing them in there!!!!

Anonymous said...

With TTG (12 months) we.....
-don't use diapers, misses are easy to clean up.
-love love love breastfeeding. It's easy nowdays though the first 3 months were extremely difficult.
-don't do baby baths, have always brought him into the shower (or occasionally bath) with me.
-don't spoon feed or chop up anything special, he gets what we get and has since 6 months.

For me, the yucky stuff doesn't come til they're older.

I can handle baby vomit, but NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT 5yr old TBB vomit.
I can handle wiping up a bit of 1yr old poo but NOT NOT NOT NOT the pooey bum of a 5yr old. Not sure exactly what my cut off point for these things is, but obviously it's more than 1 and less than 5 ;)

JamieD said...

Even though I don't have kids, being a nurse is almost like being a mother for 12 hours.

I have to agree - there is a lot I don't bat an eye at but I HATE feeding people. Until I read this, I never thought about feeding a baby but I'm sure it will be just as painful.

jenn said...

heh- that ~is~ funny!
Yes- it is a pain, but right now it's still more about fun & not replacing a meal so I feel no remorse about skipping a cereal meal, haha! Especially since the rice bound her up & she didn't poo for almost 2 days. Yeah- so cleaning up a blowout is not a big deal- but that one was scary! Needless to say- we are taking a little break from cereal for a bit now! (also we're going on vacation this week so I don't want to have to pack all of that too!)

Hollie said...

My worst duty... middle of the night crying. Poopy diapers are not fun, but at least when it's done, it's done. No sleep is getting to me.

Jenera said...

Yeah the feeding is the pits. I have been slacking on solids with Sam because it's such a time consumer.

The cleaning of puke doesn't bother me too much because I do it quite frequently.

Beautiful Mess said...

lol, you can't just skip a meal! That sometimes, makes it feel like a "chore".

I hated it when the kids got colds and had runny noses. I HATED wiping noses and suctioning them. *shudders*

mommybird said...

I'm with you on the spoon feeding. It takes time, it's messy and it just plain stinks. I'm not a huge fan of toddler poops either, but I can deal with it for sure.