Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some more parenting randomness

I flipped through the latest issue of Parenting magazine and commented on a few things in my other blog, but these were really children related, so I thought I'd continue my comments here ...

~ I found the "4 reasons why your baby is different from your husband" list hilarious:
1. the only mobile device she's addicted to has tiny stuffed animals hanging from it.
2. the baldness is merely temporary.
3. you don't mind when your 3 month old hits the bottle 8 times a day.
4. you can change a baby.

~ Have you heard of "child sense"? It's the study showing kids have a dominant sense that determines how they experience and relate to the world. For more information, it's a book by author and behavior researcher Priscilla Dunstan:
1. The Tactile child: these little ones love to be held all the time, but they're also soothed by movement.
2. The Auditory child: This child startles easily and will listen intently to music, but don't play it at bedtime, it will distract her so much she won't be able to go to sleep. (this is Ella)
3. The Visual child: Visual infants often get labeled "good babies" because it's easy to meet their needs. All these babies need to feel secure and comforted is to be able to see their parent nearby. (this is Karl)
4. The Taste and Smell child: These little ones like to be cuddled, but they're not calmed simply by being held. If you're nervous or fearful, they're likely to be agitated too. (I think this is Allie)

~ There is an article about babies sleeping in other places besides home. It's entitled "Sleeping Around". Okay, isn't that a little off color? I mean, even for ME, it's a bit much.

Not much going on with the kids besides lots of playing and cuddling from a nice long thanksgiving weekend. If I ever need something to be thankful for, all I have to do is look into one of these sets of eyes. I hope all of your weekends were just as wonderful.


Sarah R said...

Andrew would fall in to the "Tactile child" category. :)

MrsSpock said...

I would call Jonah a "Visual Child" too. If he can scan the horizon and see one of us or Grandma, he's just peachy.

Kristin said...

That part about the different categories children fall into is really interesting.

April said...

I read that article too and immediately figured out that Hunter is the "Tactile Child". LOL