Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uck, uck, oose!

Karl loves playing duck, duck, goose with me and his sisters. He goes around the circle, touching each of our heads, until he screams out "oose!" and squeals in delight as he runs away from the goose. He doesn't run in the circle though, instead just running in any direction to get away from the goose. It's absolutely adorable.

The girls had their first professional massage today. And I was right, they loved it. They laid so still on the table, soaking up the good vibes from an awesome massage. When we were leaving, they even gave our massage therapist a hug. I guess they felt comfortable with him.

They were fully clothed for the massage, which I think was a good idea, especially for their first time. Our therapist said eventually, when they are more relaxed about the massage itself, he will have them take off their shirts and work with them under the sheets. He said they would keep their shorts/panties on, but he could get to their neck/shoulders/back better without a shirt on. Of course I'd be in the room the whole time, so i'll be comfortable with it. My massage therapist is ~very~ professional so I'm cool with it.

Argh! The kids are driving me nutso talking about Halloween and they keep hounding me for the answer to WHEN they get to go buy their costume. I'm seriously asked like 15 times a day. It's going to get worse before it gets better though. Hell, it's not even October yet!

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Morgan Owens said...

I picture Karl playing duck duck goose with you all, so cute!

I'm glad the girls enjoyed their massage! You know, I just realized I have never had a massage...I really should! I always feel so much tension because I'm always stressed, maybe it will help! :)

Emilie said...

It's October NOW!!!
(sorry, I couldn't help it!)

Jess said...

I always dread October. When all the Christmas commercials start. Halloween isn't a big thing where we live so its not too bad. And we usually make the costumes. Jase was a waffle on a plate one year.

April said...

That is so awesome! So many people are "afraid" of massage and have such an incorrect image in their head of it, so I love when people have a massage for the first time and are just blown away by it! I worked in the office at a massage school for five years and got free massages by the students often, and it was freakin' AWESOME. And I love to give HUnter his own little baby massage...he loves touch!