Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm not changing your diaper when you're a teen.

I potty trained both girls successfully when they turned 2. Wasn't that hard, I just felt like I was an awesome mom. ~wink~

And then came Karl.

The boy is almost 3 (two years, ten months) and he has ZERO interest in the potty.

I've tried to reason.
I've tried to bribe.
I've tried to bribe excessively.
I've tried to just sitting him on the potty 100 times a day.
I've tried to humilate him. (that sounds way worse written out)

He doesn't care. Not at all.

Me: "big boys wear pullups and big boys get to wear underwear! Babies wear diapers. Are you a baby or a big boy?"

Karl: "I'm a big boy!"

Me: "great! Then let's put on your pull ups."

Karl: "NOOOOOO! I wear DIAPERS!"



jenn said...

Our pumpkin is proving difficult as well... at daycare she is great- uses the potty no problem. But at home it is so inconsistent! I've tried all those too & it's really just her call whether she wants to- so frustrating!
Let's hope they both decide to be big kids before they go to kindergarten! ;-)

Lisa said...

It will all iron itself out as you well know. Boys, on average, take longer to potty train than girls. My MIL was telling me stories about my BIL when I was potty training the boys. Apparently she would make him sit forever (once it was over 45 minutes) and he would hold it until she let him get up. Then he would pee or poop on the floor! Talk about being stubborn!

Once he decides he's ready to do it, he will. I was having a problem getting N to poop on the potty. He would hold it all day and go in his pullup at night. It was so frustrating. But it was like a switch went on and from one day to the next he stopped doing it at night and started going on the potty.

We did the 3 day intense potty training with the boys and it worked great. By the end of the 3rd day they were basically trained. Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be when you're ready and they're not.

Rhonda said...

With my oldest we tried everything we could think of too. Finally we let him pee off the back porch and knock down empty pop cans with his "water" from his "hose". Apparently, letting him do a trick with it worked for him. When we transitioned to the potty we told him the poop & pee was food and juice for the fishes.

fuentes said...

I've only potty trained one but my mom did child care for 25 years and potty trained lots and her advice to all parents was -
get rid of all the diapers in the house so its not even an option
get the thick gerber underwear (pull up's are only if you are out of the house)
stay home as much as possible for a week and give lots of liquids