Friday, February 15, 2008

potty training, day four.

Another morning completely dry! And four days completely dry at school and home - including nap time.

We are two and two for nighttime accidents. I'm pretty happy. Oh - and last night, she did her normal thing of peeing before bed. Then getting up immediately to pee again. Then getting up immediately after that (which pissed me off for a moment) until I realized she got on the potty to poop! yay!!

(if anyone without children yet is reading this, I know it seems funny to have me talk about peeing and pooping like I talk about the weather. But believe me, it becomes such a very normal, everyday conversation topic!)


Kaci said...

Sounds like she's well on her way! That's great! And yep, pee & poop talk is normal around our house!

jamie said...

oh i wanted to tell you about this awesome book "preschool confidential" it is amazing and go ali wooooo hoooo

Anonymous said...

I recently read a really good potty training idea I wish I had thought of when training my girls (now 7 and 3)...putting undies on first, then a pull-up overtop for nighttime and trips out...they will no when they are wet, but it won't make a mess for you!! I am definitely gonna use that for my son (2)! Good Luck!

Jenera said...

We are going to start potty training in mid-March. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it let alone if Aidan is ready for it!

Since it's our first time we've been asking for tips from everyone we know that has been through it. Luckily we've got some stuff so I'm hoping it'll be a breeze.