Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Potty training gone bad.

I think I jumped the gun with the nighttime training. I've had to do laundry every night except 2 or 3 times and it's not getting better. With Ella, I think I waited until she was staying dry in her pullup first and then I did it.

So, we're doing the panties under the pullup trick so she'll still be uncomfortable and we'll see how it goes. She's still doing great all day and at naps though.

And please tell me WHY my husband would put a potty training toddler in overalls? WHY?


waitinginline said...

Your record is still better than my sisters. :-)

Morgan said...

Just to make life harder on you! Husbands don't get it, no I'm not married but might as well say I am. I'm working on potty training DF still, hopefully Tom is past this level LOL. You know how most women have trouble getting their husbands to put the toilet seat DOWN when finished..well mine won't even put it up to begin with and pisses all over the seat, joy. Then when he does leave it up he makes sure it's during the night so i can't see and fall in. Gotta love em though.

Goodluck with the girls, it will get better. I don't know if you are trying to teach them to go on the toilet or on a kids potty but the small kid ones encourage them more i think.

Our family is complete said...

Your so lucky that your girls were so easy to potty train. Carter could care less how wet he is. I tried the underpants under the pull up but he just pee'd and pooped right in it, and walked around in it not even caring. Ugh so frustrating. It makes me wish I would have gone the cloth diaper route. Hopefully this summer he will get on the ball. I would love him to be potty trained before he starts pre-school in the fall. I would just love for him to be interested in the potty.