Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Ella-ism.

I've been neglecting this blog for a few days. Wow.

Kids have been sick for the past week and just have been generally grumpy. Plus, I've been spending 24x7 with them, so haven't been blogging much about there daily doldrums. And really, who wants to see pictures of their runny noses and watering eyes?

By the way - I totally got karma'd with the kids being sick. Just like 2 weeks ago, I was bragging that my kids haven't been sick all season. Awesome. Thanks karma.

Today was bath time. Ella opted for a shower though, so I got her started in my bathroom while I was in the bathroom with Allie for her bath. Just playing around, I "accidentally" (on purpose) slipped into the bathtub with my clothes on - just for a laugh. Except Allie wasn't pleased. She rarely gets a bath all by herself and wanted me out. Promptly. So I get out and after I get Allie dried off, I go to get Ella out of the shower (who had to be pried out. She loves showers.).

I tell Ella "Mommy fell into the bathtub with all her clothes on!"

Ella replied "Oh Mommy, that's no bueno!"

That's my girl.


Glennformer said...

I love it!!

MrsDrink said...

ha! She is so frickin adorable!

You're too funny to fall into the tub to make your girls laugh. That's totally awesome!

Monica Fayth said...

how cute is that!