Friday, May 9, 2008

Daycare teacher is an Angel.

I love the teachers at the girls' daycare. They've always gone above and beyond the care of the girls and this is case in point.
Allison's teacher sent me two picture mails yesterday of Allison, since she knew I was out of town and missed the girls. How awesome is that?
This first one is of my missy sleeping. Babydoll in her arms, thin blanket on her head.

And awhile later, I got the "I'm awake now!" picture:
What a goof. And I can not wait for Allie's hair to grow a bit longer! I don't want the girls to have bangs. I want them to have their hair long and all one length. (like Ella's hair is now). Problem is, my children's hair grow at the slowest rate ever for a human being. I usually put little clips in her hair now, but I'm obviously not there. She almost looks like she has a mullet!
Anywho, I miss my babies.


Poltzie said...

Aww, that is too sweet! I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing time in Boston and I've got my fingers double crossed for you!!!

jenn said...

what a cutie! I Love the baby mullet! It's the only time when it's acceptable. I am pretty sure that if we have babies- they will be very hairy & bangs may be a necessity at some point... but I do love the wispy baby hair!

Anonymous said...

Does Ali always sleep wiht a blankie on her head? My youngest son always puts his blankie on his head, sometimes he puts it over his face! He has done this ever since he was like 6 months old. I always try to pull it down and when I check on him again it's right back up there! Just curious!

Kaci said...

That's super nice of your daycare teacher. Allie's a doll, mullet or not :)

hoping for a child said...

so cute! my SIL's daughter also had really slow growing hair but it's finally coming in. i guess i'm behind on your blog...four embryos? best of luck.

Jewels said...

OMGosh I love your girls, I swear I live as a mom to little girls vicariously through you. I want to gobble there cheeks :)

Wordgirl said...

I had already read this post and marveled at the beauty of your girls -- I thought I'd just look again... and agree with you about their teacher... the small kindnesses, right?

Thinking of you Nancy,


insane mama said...

How cute they are!
Enjoy them before they become teenagers and all hell breaks loose and THEY BLAME YOU!