Thursday, August 7, 2008

The girls' reaction.

I never did update on what the girls' reaction was about the news they were having a baby brother. (even being asked multiple times!)

It actually wasn't that exciting. When we were all home together, I told them I found out if the baby was a boy or a girl. And Ella said very calmly, "I already know it's a boy. Uncle Mark told us."


We told a few friends during the day and our friend mark, not actually an uncle of the children, told them when he picked up his kids from the same daycare! I was pissed! But Mark isn't someone who will admit fault. In fact, when we did say something, we were told "you should of told us not to say anything." Oh, didn't realize that was a necessity! But whatever.

Ella told us she will not play with her new baby brother, but Allie informed us that she will. How nice. Heh.

Ella is also very into telling me how "giant" my belly is. Little does she know.

We did have a little conversation on the way to dinner last night.

Ella: "Broccoli makes you big and strong!"
Allie: "Ice cream too!"
Mommy: "No, too much ice cream can make you fat."
Ella: "But aren't you fat mommy?"



Julie said...

Congratulations Nancy!! I guess being out of the country, I completely missed the fact that your test results showed a boy! That has to make all the troubles you have gone through doubly worth it :) yay!!

Lisa said...

These conversations with the little ones are the most precious of times. Congrats again on your little boy!

Morgan said...

Your little girls are fucking awesome! They should go on the show "Kids say the Darnest
Things"...they'd make you rich! :)

~Joe said...

haha cute

Mommyof2boys said...

It's those types of conversations that makes being a mommy such a fun and rewarding job !!

Krista said...

HA! At least you are pregnant. I'm just fat. I told my DH that I have got to lose 30 pounds before B realizes her mom is a chunk.