Friday, August 8, 2008

The wrong side of the bed.

My husband and I don't sleep together anymore. Due to having to lay on my side to sleep now, I bought a top of the line foam top mattress pad for our bed. In my previous two pregnancies, my hips would become so sore and I was miserable. So this time, I thought ahead and got the pad from the get-go. It's very comfy for me, but unfortunately, it hurts his back. Damn.

During my bout with first trimester exhaustion, hubby would let me sleep in everyday. In fact, he still lets me sleep in everyday. What a nice guy, eh?

My whole point to the above information is the girls are "trained" to go into the spare room when they wake up instead of coming in my room. Which leads me to this morning.

I woke up a little before 6am with back pain. It hurt too bad to go back to sleep, so I decided I would at least make sure when the early bird woke up (Allison), I would call to her to come in my room. She usually wakes up just before 7am, so I was watching for her. Or at least I thought she would. At 730a, I got up to check on her and she wasn't in her bed! I looked in the spare room and there she was, snuggling up to Daddy. Damn it! I somehow missed her and she woke him up anyway. Grrr. I try to do something nice and I couldn't make it happen.

So I pull her out and get her in bed with me to watch cartoons. Miss Ella gets up minutes later and I have both my girls snuggles next to me. Allison then informs me when they get up with Daddy, he gets them something to drink before breakfast. I tell her I'll get them something momentarily and the tears start to fall.

It just drives me nutso. Ella did the same thing in her 3rd year - cried about everything. And now Ella is out of it, Allison goes right into it. Sweet.

Anywho, so her crying does not make me want to jump up and appease her. Which puts us all in a bad mood. I get up to finally get them some milk and apparently I uncover her too much while I'm getting out of bed and the tears start again. Oy vey.

They get their milk and I get in the shower. Miss Ella wants to get in the shower with me ("but don't wash my hair mommy!") and I let her in. Except she's not liking the fact I actually have to use some of the water. I think she wanted me to stand in the corner! So my morning shower is not as good as it should be and I get out.

Things go well while I get myself ready for work until I start to make breakfast. Ella wants pancakes and Allison wants eggs. But we were on a time limit so it had to be cereal with some cut fruit. Watch out. Tears from both girls now. (yes, I have drama queens. Super well behaved in public, but meltdowns over silly things when we are at home). I get them to accept a bowl of Cocoa Krispies and some cantaloupe.

Now it's time to get dressed. It's chilly here right now (weird colorado weather) and it's rainy/misty with a high of only 72. So I tell them they need pants and tennis shoes today. Ella asked if she could wear her pink sandals and I said no, she had to wear tennis shoes.

A few minutes later, Ella comes bounding out of her room wearing her pink sandals. Now I'm pissed. To not only do something after I told her no, she did it after asking a second time. I tell her she has to wear her tennis shoes and I set out her pair of vans. Tears galore. I ask her if she's seriously crying over sandals. She just looks at me with the most innocent eyes full of tears. But it's not working and I leave her be.

I am in the other room getting ready and I hear her crying again. It seems daddy has gotten out of the shower and now she's crying to him about what a horrible mother I am. I go in the bathroom and ask if she's asking him to wear the pink sandals. It seems that is not the issue now, as she is crying over wearing her vans. She wants to wear her camo slipons. Fine I say. I just need her to wear tennis shoes.

So I gather up the kids and go out to the car. I open the door only to be greeted with the stench of PUKE. Did I mention this yet? That when I went out of town, my husband used my car to drive the kids out of town and he stopped at mcdonalds? Well, the girls had sippy cups already, so the milk that came with the happy meal wasn't used. Instead, one rolled under the passenger front seat, where it sat for 4 days. Four ~hot~ days.

When I went to drive my car on Tuesday morning, after having just flown back from Arizona, my car reeked of a puke smell. I called my wonderful husband and asked him why my car smelled like puke, as it's still relatively new and still had that nice new car smell to it. His reply? "Yeah, I noticed that." Really?!?! It was terrible! He continued to say "But I took all the trash out and it still seemed to smell." After a quick 5 second search, I find an exploded container of milk underneath the seat. Oh yes, rotten milk ALL over the bottom of the seat and soaked into the carpet below. Awesome.

I had to drive with the windows open and the outside vent blowing directly in my face to keep from puking myself. He comes and trades out my car so he can clean up the mess. When I got home that night, he still hadn't gotten to it. So the next day I just take his car to work. Late in the afternoon he called to say it was clean and he was coming to switch cars. When he gets to my work I ask if the cleaning worked and he says "I think so!".

After work, it only took me opening the cardoor to know his remedy did not work. It was terrible. How could he even begin to think it worked? Holy crap, it was awful. And still is awful.

And that concludes the story of how my day started off on the wrong side of the bed. The day is only half over, so I just can't wait to see what else happens. I am getting off an hour early today to go pick up the kids. I want to do something fun with them, so we'll see. Hopefully I can force the day to change.


Kaci said...

Geeze I hate days like that. And you're too damn descriptive Nancy - I swear I can smell your car! GAG!

Denise said...

Yikes. What a morning.

I've been waking up every two hours from my hips aching each night. We have a cushy pillow top, so I didn't think more padding would help, but now I wonder if I should try something. What do you recommend?

Sarah R said...

Oh my god. What a bad day!

I had to giggle a little at your stinky car story because a similar thing happened to me 2 years ago. We went to my niece's graduation party (DH's niece) and my SIL insisted on sending home large, Ziploc bags of pork. You know, the salted, dry kind made to put on sandwiches? So, we obliged, took the free food, and set it in the backseat of the car. This was on a Friday night. On a hot, summer June day. Fast forward to Monday morning. I had to go to work. 7:50 am, I sit down in my car and it smells like DEATH. OMG, it was horrible! I seriously thought someone may have crawled into my backseat and died. Nope, it was just the rancid meat! The bag was all steamed up and some of the juice had leaked out. I grabbed the bag by the edge and chucked it out onto the driveway. After all, I was running behind and fucking pissed that I had to drive to work with a smelly-ass car. My windows had been up all weekend, only adding to the problem. I drove to work with my windows down and my head out the window when I wasn't on the interstate (the interstate stretch was the worst!). I got to work and called DH and yelled at him for not grabbing the stupid meat from his stupid SIL.

When I got home, he took the whole backseat out and hosed it down and let it dry in the sun. However, when he cleaned it, he used some vinegar. When he put it back in my car, the death smell was gone, only to be replaced with a musty, vinegar, ass smell. UGH. It took a full 2 months before my car actually had a neutral smell. I won't say it smelled good, ever again!

Morgan said...

Got Milk? haha j/k! Well I'm sorry you woke up on the wrong side of the bed but i hope your day gets better! Oh and if it makes you feel any better your tummy pics dont look weird at all...they're cute!

Sara said...

yeah you definately needed a do-over that day!!

KatieM said...

Oh my what a day! And ick on the car smell. Reminds me of Thomas and I's honeymoon when my brother thought it would be a funny idea (while decorating my car) to hide a tuna skewer (part of the reception food) under the drivers seat....Thomas and I couldn't for the life of us figure out what that smell was until 4 days later before we drove home and inspected the car thoroughly because we couldn't stand it. We would have noticed it earlier, but we walked a lot of places during our honeymoon and didn't need the car.

Heather said...

Ah, girls and their crying!!! It's never ending. My daughter is almost 8 years old and she cracked me up the one day. She was crying over everything. I was able to stay calm and towards the end, I was helping her while she was crying and I asked her why she was so upset. Believe it or not - she uncovered her tear streaked eyes and said "I'm not upset!" Hmmmmm....

Rachel & Jacob said...

you seem extremely blessed.

what a fun family!!!!