Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The cleaning thing is working.

After I spent so much time cleaning the kids' room, I've really been trying to instill the rule "put it away before taking out another toy". Due to me being on bed rest, I'm not able to enforce this too much, but it's somewhat working. What ~is~ working is cleaning everything up every night before bed. Much better than waiting until it's out of control and then trying to clean.

Ahh, it puts me at ease.

(can there be a more boring blog post than this?)


Jenera said...

I usually have two clean up times with Aidan-before naps and before bed. It kind of helps get him wound down for bed actually because he knows what comes next in the routine. The only thing we need to work on is that when I say put your toys away, it doesn't mean stack them in the middle of the doorway.

areyoukiddingme said...

Clean up time is haphazard at our house - it's either whenever it looks like a cyclone has gone through or bedtime. Either way, it seems to work (as in, I don't do ALL the cleaning up).

It could be a more boring post - you could describe where the toys are going...

Michelle said...

We do the clean up time too but it usually only works with Cassandra. Kyle isn't there yet because as soon as Cassandra puts stuff away he's there pulling out again.

The clean up after they go to bed really helps me out too. But I'm a fanatic about vaccuuming the entire house(and yes they stay asleep while I do it)