Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Nancy, party of five, your table is ready."

I have three children. Holy shit. Really. Holy shit. I just went grocery shopping alone with all 3 kids after I dropped my mom off at the airport. Not hard or scary or anything, just lots of kids to watch after.

I thought I'd take a quick moment to update on all 3 kids ...

~ Ella. She is 3 months shy of 5 years old. Wow. I have to get her enrolled in kindergarten soon, I better get on that. It's a toss up between a charter science & arts school close to her daycare or the public school just down the street. I want to visit both to see which one we want. They both have all day kindergarten, which I need, so I'll need to make my decision on the schools themselves. I hate our school district, but due to the economy, we can't follow through with our plan of moving just yet. I'm sure it won't matter too much in these early years.

School aside, she amazes me on a daily basis. She's ~so~ bossy and sarcastic. Getting to be more like me every single day. I'm in for it.

~ Allison. She's having a little trouble with losing out on attention due to her new baby brother. I'm trying to have little conversations with her more, letting her know how much I love her. But the attitude is still going to come on occasionally I assume. I just have to ride it out with her, giving her as much attention as I can.

She is showing herself to be quite the girlie girl, which surprises me. She's totally into barbies and her barbie head - you know - that life size head where you can do their hair? She'll spend forever sitting there brushing it and pretending to curl and blow dry it. SO unlike me as a child. I'd of buried the head in the dirt.

~ Karl. Not much to say here, he is a newborn after all. Still in "newborn honeymoon" where all he does is eat and sleep for the most part. I give it another week to learn his true colors. Hell, maybe he'll stay mellow, but I honestly and seriously doubt it. This is the time frame where babies trick us, making us think "wow, he's such a ~good~ baby!". Just wait.

Appointment today. The girls brought home a serious case of diarrhea from daycare (thank you public germs) and poor little karl picked it up. 3 kids with diarrhea at one time. Fab. So my little newborn has been pooping liquid for over a week now. His little butt was so sore until I started to lather him up with triple paste every diaper change. Needless to say, he hasn't gained the weight he should have by now. But the doctor understand and is cool with it, saying he looks very good for what he's been through. He's up to 7lbs 1oz, still 7ozs shy of birth weight. I have a weight check next week to ensure he's gaining again, but I'm not worried at all. I've been doing all I can to keep him hydrated and the doctor said she could tell. She kept commending me for knowing exactly what to do with everything (diarrhea, watching for dehydration signs, giving her all the info she needed before even asking, diaper rash, belly button still weeping, etc), saying I was obviously an experienced mom. What a great compliment.


ssbean said...

I think I like charter schools better. But, I'm sure you will make the right decision after visiting both. Good job on being so knowledgeable with the diarrhea. I will be a nervous wreck. So tell me, what do you do when your infant has diarrhea? How do you keep him/her hydrated? Maybe this blog can be a lot of tips from an "experienced mom." It'll help me a lot, that's for sure. I don't want to call the pediatrician every day freaking out over little things.

The Captain's Wife said...

Best of luck with the school visits...choosing our children's education is a big deal.

I went to public schools my whole life. Honestly until I was an adult I had no idea there were other kinds (other than the private Catholic High Schools and tech high schools) of schools that children could attend during the grammer school school years.

Ali said...

I want pictures of the three of them together!

Jenera said...

It's always good to hear we know what we are doing as moms, lol!

That first time I took both kids with me shopping was definitely an experience. I'm lucky in that Aidan will stay with me (knock on wood).

Glad things are going good!

Misty Dawn said...

I hope everyone gets well soon! I sure hope you are experienced by the 3rd child, if not i'd be worried. Get some rest and enjoy being home w/Karl by yourself.

Sarah R said...

Family of five! Your family is beautiful though. :)

Sorry about the diarrhea. That really sucks!! It's bad enough when we as adults have it, but to deal with 3 kids having it? YIKES. Hope it goes away soon!

jenn said...

heh- party of five!

Sorry about everyone being sick- that really stinks! (pun not totally intended!)

Great job as mommy though- of course! ;o)

Heather said...

You are a great mom!!! I've realized we'll be a family of five this summer. Totally cool, but freaky too. It's funny this was the title you gave your post, because that is when I've realized it too, when we request a table for three when we go out these days and realizing those days are numbered.

I hope everyone feels better soon!