Friday, January 9, 2009

This is what is upcoming ...

Since we are about to add to our family in a matter of a day or so, let me take us back to see how the girls started out.

~Ella - Born April 2004~

nancy in labor:

Mommy meeting Ella for the first time:

Daddy holds his first daughter for the first time:

And baby makes three:

Ella gets weighed and scored. Such a cheesecake at only a few minutes old:

The is mommy's very favorite picture ever. So tired, leaky boobs, but it just shows the love I have of this little girl:

Daddy watches the game as Ella sleeps:

Whew. All that sleeping gets Ella tired. Check out the chapstick for size reference:

~Allison - Born August 2005~

Nancy in labor:

Mommy holds Allison for the first time:

Daddy's first time, so sweet:

Allison a few minutes old, getting weighed and scored:

Given back to mommy for keeps! (we room in at hospital):

Ella meets her sister for the very first time!

Mommy and baby are exhausted once home:

Allison is content in daddy's arms:

Once home, Miss Allie likes to curl up to nap. I just couldn't pick one:

I can't believe there will be another little human added to this list of births in a matter of days. Until then, I'll oooohh and aaaahh over my little girls.


jenn said...

I love their weigh & score pictures! It's amazing how their personalities come through so quickly & clearly at such a new age!

Kaci said...

Ahh - those early moments. Love them. Totally made me tear up.

Kathy said...

I love those pictures!! Beautiful babies!!! I can't believe you are about to add to your beautiful family!

I love the weight and score pictures too!!! their eyes just shine!!

Carrie said...

You two sure do make some beautiful babies! I can't wait to see what Karl looks like!

Julie said...

So sweet! You'll get to add to you gallery in a very short time. Yay!

Michelle said...

I can remember when you first shared those photos with me. They are beautiful!! It's amazing how fast these babies of ours grow and learn....

I can't wait to see how Ella and Allison react to Karl!! Those are going to be fabulous photos!!

Are you going to bring in your professional lady friend again??

areyoukiddingme said...

Beautiful girls and sweet pictures. I'm sure you're very excited for Karl to come!

Jennie said...

The pictures are awesome! It's so nice to reflect and try to remember the new baby smell. When I start to miss I ask if I can lease someone else's new baby.

Mommyof2boys said...

You have very beautiful girls Nancy and I know Karl is going to be one beautiful baby boy :)
I'm so anxious to see who he will look like !!

Steph said...

Oh, how precious!! I can just see the love for both your girls on yours and Tom's faces. You are so very blessed, and now triply blessed. It's just so awesome.

Heather said...

Great pics! Good luck on your upcoming addition!!!

Mary~Momathon said...

I drifted over here through Jewels' blog, I'm so glad I did! Beautiful babies! Best wishes with delivery of #3.