Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What do you feed a one year old? I have totally forgotten everything I've fed the girls and I'm at a loss at every meal.

Karl is eating mac n cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, eggs and all kinds of cut up fruit and veggies. I still am feeding him the rest of the baby food I have, but he's no longer diggin' it. I think he wants to ~eat~ and chew. What a big boy.

He's also 100% weaned off of formula and on whole milk. Yay!

What else can I feed him. I need ideas. What do you feed your baby?


Tara said...

I'll be watching the comments on this post to see what people say because I"m in the same boat. I don't know what to feed Ruby. Doesn't help that she's picky and prefers East Indian food (WTF?). I can't make it so a friend's mom makes it and delivers it to me every couple of weeks. Doesn't last long enough though (and I realize this probably doesn't help you). Other than that, I sometimes feed her those little containers of Chef Boyardee (oh how I hate myself for that). I swore I'd never feed her junk like that but I sometimes don't know what else to give her and I know she'll eat it! She also likes Kraft Dinner (hanging my head in shame).

areyoukiddingme said...

I fed my daughter anything I thought she could chew. She eats lots of lunchmeat to this day. She's also not very picky when it comes to food (moody, yes, but she's willing to taste everything). We were of the "just give 'em whatever you're eating" ilk, which backfired a little. Now she only wants to eat my food - whatever's on her plate is not good enough!

joyous melancholy said...

I get frozen chicken nuggets or frozen grilled chicken breast strips and microwave a few at a time for him. Also lunch meats, cheese, eggos or frozen French toast, eggs, granola bars (he's a little older, 19 mos). Trader Joe's has these fruit bars kind of like nutrigrain bars, called This Apple Walks Into A Bar (and other fruit), they don't have sugar in them which is why I prefer them (not because I don't feed him sugar, but because he gets enough in the cookies and candies I give him!) and they're softer than a granola bar. Drinkable yogurt in a sippy, applesauce cups with a straw, grilled cheese. He's kind of getting to the point where I just give him small pieces of what I'm eating.

Jamie said...

I knew you way back on the WebMd pregnancy boards from #1....and now it looks like we both have 3 kids (2 girls & a boy) similar in age!

Anyway, on to the food. My DS is 14 months and here is a list of things we feed him (other than what you already listed): yogurt, cheese, grilled cheese (he especially loves grilled ham & cheese). quesadillas, beans, any kind of pasta but I try to stick with bow-tie size, pancakes, waffles, fruits, lunch meats. pizza....I'm drawing a blank on other stuff! 99% of the time he eats whatever we do for dinner.

Isn't funny how you forget? It took me forever to remember what kind of things we used to feed the girls when it came time to start table foods with DS.

Jenera said...

Sam eats just about anything. with the exception of things he can choke on, if he wants it, I'll give him a taste. Almost any kind of meat, pasta, potatoes, fruits of all kinds, veggies, cereal, sandwiches. Everything.

Kristin said...

1)French toast sticks are always good.
2)Any meat that has been cooked in the crock pot...or that can be cut into itty bitty pieces
3)I would quarter grapes...all the flavor, none of the choking hazard.
4)Meat sticks
5)long slender strips of cheese (think thin like julienne potatoes)
6)Potato pancakes would work too (and I have a great recipe)
7)hot dogs quartered lengthwise
9)cooked carrots
10)yogurt (my kids love it now but wouldn't eat it then because it was too much like baby food)

the mol said...

Sandwiches. Pita and hummus. Quesadillas with black beans and sour cream (those are SUPER easy and you can make them in the microwave). Noodles and sauce. Macaroni and cheese. Dark meat chicken is softer. I second the Trader Joe's bars--they are awesome. Apple slices with yogurt dip. Hamburgers.

The Captain's Wife said...

I buy a large package of the perdue refrigerated (not frozen) chicken nuggets (found near the shortcuts or lloyds ribs..)and package them in 2 freezer bags so I can take 3 out at a time to cook for lunch or dinner.

Tater tots are a huge hit here! I will make a decent batch of them at once and then throw them in the fridge. To reheat them I either nuke em or put them in the toaster oven.

Pieroges are another bit hit. She loves the Potato and Cheese ones, but has eaten the potato and onion ones and like them too. I again make a few at a time and give her 2 at a time. I boil them,not fry.

Recently we tried fish sticks, but were dissapointed by the lack of fish and loads of stick we got. So we made our own and LOVED them.

Lots of pasta. Again I make a couple servings at once and put the unused portion in the fridge. With the pasta I mix it up how it is served. Sometimes I give her pasta sauce, sometime I grate parm, mozz and cheddar over the hot pasta and make a mac and cheese style. And other times I make a pasta salad type of mixture and give it to her.

Cream cheese and jelly sandwich.

Everything I give her, I also include a decent serving of veggies (she loves green beans, lima beans, chick peas, kidney beans, peas...)

Sometimes we give her "dessert" with lunch or dinner, we offer fresh fruit...watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, Kiwi (her favorite), starfruit, apples, peaches, mandarin oranges.

No peanut butter here. Our pedi says not till 3! It is my favorite food so I doubt I'll make it that long.

For dinners, whatever I make she gets...chicken piccata, stuffed shells, meatballs, turkey burgers (also a great thing that you can make a couple and freeze one and refrigerate one for lunches or dinner another night)...

Hope these gave ou some ideas.

Hollie said...

Chesley pretty much wants to eat whatever we are eating. Tonight we had casserole with ground beef, veggies, and mashed potatoes. He is rather picky, but he even ate the carrots and the meat tonight. He loves buttered toast, oatmeal, yogurt. I say, let Karl try whatever you are having (as long as it's small sizes). Chesley will not eat baby food anymore. But... he is still a booby baby too. He will drink whole milk, but he likes it fresh too :)

Erin said...

Colin (only 11 months) only eats what he can feed himself that right now is: pancakes, waffles (both made with applesauce or bananas), scrambled egg yolk, french toast (made with egg yolk only). Grilled chicken, salmon, cheese and crackers, green beans, hummus, broccoli, cauliflower, whole wheat toast (with either cream cheese or preserves), pasta, egg noodles, kiwi, bananas, pears, cheerios, animal crackers, chick peas, turkey meatballs, turkey meatloaf, pretty much whatever we eat. He isn't old enough for egg whites or PB (pedi likes to wait a looooong time for those...)

Robin said...

i feed asher (14 months) the following crowd-pleasers:

-soy chicken patties cut into cubes
-cheese ravioli with tomato sauce
-ANYTHING in tomato sauce
-chicken soup with veggies (and matzoh balls sometimes)
-cream cheese sandwich on wheat bread, cut into strips
-grilled ham and cheese
-cream of wheat with raisins (soaked in water to plump/soften so he doesn't choke)
-kix/cheerios in yogurt
-ground beef
-animal crackers, ritz bits, veggie booty
-cheese sandwiches on wheat
-hot dogs

dianam17 said...

Dylan just turned 1 this weekend! He gets eggs, pancakes, french toast, waffles, hot oatmeal &/or fruit for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner, he gets yogurt, grilled cheese (toast w melted cheese), kids chicken nuggets (white meat, no skin), veggies, potatoes, steamed chicken breasts, mac & cheese, ravilois, meatballs, hamburger meat, cheese sticks, pasta w/ a little butter or sauce, bread, meatloaf, stew or any kind of thicker soups that don't have a lot of salt or spice(s), pizza crust.

I have 1/2 can of formula left so we are starting 1/2 formula & 1/2 milk tomorrow.

We also have a few jars stage 3 left, but he eats them still. And I keep like 2 of those pasta pick ups in the pantry on the days we are out late doing errands and he can't wait for me to cook dinner!

I hope to get some ideas from your post as well!

Dianam17 (webmd)

dianam17 said...

Also forgot applesauce and hot dogs.

We use the fruit cups with the juice drained, gold fish, nutrigrain bars, graham crackers, gerber puffs/dried fruit bits/yougurt melts and cheerios for snacks.

K77 said...

He eats whatever we're eating, and will choose things out of the fridge to eat too (beetroot and mango are his favourites). He drinks water and breastmilk.

We do avoid additives and things as well.

..Soo.See.. said...

You've gotten great replies and suggestions already!! Just to share what we do, even though it's mostly already been said: Grilled Cheese is a fave; Hummus on toast is fave too (but be careful w/ rubbing eyes w/ hummus on them! eep!); cheese cubes or sticks, the Gerber Ravioli; rice; frozen meat I can nuke in the micro; steamed veggies (they have frozen ones you can steam in the micro too); gerber cereal bars; WAFFLES!; hard boiled eggs; bagels; chunks of fruit; most anything off our plate.

I will say, that even though I gave you that long ol' list, I still get stuck at meal times on what to give. Lol

Kmajor said...

Cullen eats bits of chicken nuggets, shredded cheese, fig newtons (he loves these!) or nutrigrain bars, yogurt, ravioli, rice, pancakes, waffles, crackers with dip on them, ranch rice cakes, cheese puffs, bits of turkey sandwhich (he loves subway), and pretty much anything from me I think he can eat when he comes up and says "BITE!!!"

Jenn BG said...

Hey Nancy. I was much better about this with Nicholas (he was a bette eater). I just gave him pretty much what we were having, just cut up really small. He loved pasta, lunchmeat, cottage cheese, cooked veggies (canned green beans, etc.), mashed potatoes, bananas, avocadoes. Hope that helps.

Jenn BG said...

Hey Nancy. I was much better about this with Nicholas (he was a bette eater). I just gave him pretty much what we were having, just cut up really small. He loved pasta, lunchmeat, cottage cheese, cooked veggies (canned green beans, etc.), mashed potatoes, bananas, avocadoes. Hope that helps.

MrsSpock said...

We are dairy allergic, no no cheese and milk for us.

1) Cooked frozen veggies, like peas, carrots, and corn. Pureed spinach.

2) Lentil dhal.

3) Homemade falafel with diced tomatoes.

4) Happy Baby organic puffs, Cheerios, homemade blueberry muffins, and dehydrated peas ( a BIG hit), for snack.

5) Small diced raspberries, blueberries, quartered grapes a la Kristin, and strawberries.

6) Small diced soy hot dogs with ketchup. Homemade chicken nuggets (http://healthfreakmommy.blogspot.com/2007/08/home-made-chicken-nuggets.html).

7)Butternut squash ravioli from Whole Foods.

8) Soy yogurt

9)Homemade blueberry waffles (BIG hit)

MIndful Mum said...

Hi there, My little one is 12 months on the 23rd of Feb and I had to reply because I've just written a blog post on Salmon recipes he absolutely loves! I try to give him two portions of oily fish per week to make sure he gets omega-3. The first one is a Scottish Salmon Stovies and so easy to make -

Salmon Recipes for Baby 12 Months

Other foods he loves:
- Mushed up avocado on toast
- Tomato Bean Stew
- Organic yogurt with banana, apricots
- Pasta and tomato veggie sauce
- Simple cheese on toast

I also try to give him the same as us now just without the sugar and salt ;o)


p.s. a couple of emergency baby food jars are handy too!