Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's new bugaloo?

Parenting is going swimmingly. Nothing major going on at all, but I thought I'd pop in to give a little update, since all I've talked about in the past few weeks is food and poop.

Ella received the student of the month award at school. I attended the award ceremony at her school last week to witness the honor. She's such an amazing little girl and surprises me with every turn. She's reading and writing every moment she gets and never seems to get bored. She is also into math and recites counting in various forms, ie: by twos, fives, tens, etc.

She is also in pre girl scouts called the Daisies. I just went to the girl scout office today and purchased her vest and attached her little earned badges. One of the badges, roller skating, which she earned a few weeks ago, was so cool I bought one for myself. I bet it's not allowed for adults wearing a badge, but I'm totally going to sew it onto one of my own t-shirts.

Since I still unemployed, I have signed up to be a co-leader for her troop. I may end up regretting my decision, but I'll give it a go. It seems little girls actually like me. They can look past the piercings and tattoos and just see a friendly woman. I noticed this phenomena when we went roller skating. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt, so my ink was out, but little girls kept asking me for help. There I was, holding hands with my own daughter and other little girls who wanted help, all while their snotty mothers watched with rolling eyes from the sidelines. Ha. Whatever ladies.

Allison is causing me to pull my hair out. She's constantly fighting with Ella, always the aggressor. She just can't keep her hands to herself. I don't know what to do, I'm at the end of my rope with her. She's good all day when with me, yet when Ella gets home, she goes insane. I try to give her so much attention, yet she still acts out. Maybe it's still the transition of being the middle child, but man, it's been a year. I don't know how long I can handle it. But I've got no choice.

She is really learning a lot from Ella's studies in school. She copies her at every turn and is right there next to her, teaching herself how to read and do math. Although her behavior has a lot to be desired, her learning is amazing. I'm so proud of her.

Karl is doing great. Still not walking, but I know it will happen in it's own time. He's already 13 months! Both girls walked before their first birthday, but Karl is perfectly happy to get around by crawling. He stands by himself a lot, but if movement is necessary, down on his knees he goes. He shows absolutely no interest in walking. He does love his little walker, and if positioned, he'll take off walking with it. But other than that, nada. Oh well, in his own time.

He's started crying when I drop him off at daycare though. It breaks my heart. He's such a momma's boy! His teachers say he stops crying right away, but still - I hate it. Booo.

See? I told you nothing was going on!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you have everything under control.

Maybe the issue is that Allison is jealous that Ella is in school. Since you said she is amazing at learning, maybe she feels ready to be in school too?

Kristin said...

For nothing going on, that's an awful lot of news ;)

areyoukiddingme said...

Go Ella!

I would guess that Allison is missing her sister, and wants her undivided attention when she gets home from school. And everyone knows that even bad attention is attention!

Kids looks past the surface and see the mom who will help rather than some pierced/tattooed chick. They just know what we all know - you're the best!

Jenera said...

Yay for student of the month. That's awesome!

Sam has been really aggressive towards Aidan lately and I think it's because he is so used to running with the big boys and not around kids his own age.

Sam has also just barely started walking and he's 14 months or so. He's all about crawling and moving around.

jenn said...

Go Ella!!! (And Allie with her awesome thirst for knowledge!) I'm sorry she's acting up for you- maybe it is a little jealousy that Ella is going to school? Either way I hope it gets worked out!

And Karl is such a great kid- he is mellow. He probably won't walk until he can do it ~perfectly~ & amaze you by running first! ;)

I agree that kids don't really see the differences in us as bad things yet- they don't know the tattoo/piercing stgmas & don't care. All they know is you are the nice mom who loves kids- not the snotty one standing on the sidelines!

..Soo.See.. said...

High fives to Ella! and a low five for Allison, even though she's acting out. Maybe she just wants Ella's attention and doesn't know how to go about it better? And Aiden was just like Karl. He can pull up to stand and cruise along w/ something, but if he had to get somewhere he'd go down on his knees. And he was my first walker, then one day just stopped or thought crawling was faster! I kept "practicing" with him by putting him by my feet as I sat on the floor, legs open in front of me and tell him to walk to me. Sometimes he would, sometimes he'd become jelly and go down on his knees. Like you said.. al in their own time!

mommybird said...

I agree with the other comments, I think Allison might be jealous of Ella being in school. September is just not coming fast enough for that girl :)

Karl will walk in his own time I'm sure. Some kids don't want to slow down to learn to walk when crawling gets them there twice as fast:)

I bet the other moms were having jealousy issues too. They just wish they were good enough moms to get out there and play with their kids too.

Jen said...

I was guessing what others were about Allison being jealous of Ella being in school. It would make sense as they are so close in age and have gotten to do so much together until now. Maybe it will be better next year when Allison starts kindergarten too.

And I bet that you are an awesome girl scout leader! Way cooler than the other moms.

Denise said...

Hey, did you get an email from me a couple of weeks ago about my new blog?

Jenn BG said...

Hey Nancy. I should email you about this middle child thing. Nicholas is making me totally crazy too. I am dealing with screaming and crying...Jacob is the instagator here, though. UGH. I go back to work on Monday...Thank GOD!!!

Morgan Owens said...

That is so good about Ella! She seems like such a sweet intellegent little girl! I'm sure Allison has a sweet little girl inside of her somewhere, she just hasn't showed it lately! I know it can be difficult to deal with them sometimes but like you said, we have no choice. It sounds like she is going through a phase..and for your sake, hopefully it ends soon! :)
Mason is not walking yet either and he is a little over 13 months. I'm suprised because he was so early in all his other milestones like crawling and pulling himself up. I guess they will take off when they're ready! Everyone tells me he wont start walking, he'll start running lol