Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Karl is sick. Yesterday, he puked 4 times. Twice on me. Once on the hubby. And once in my car. The one in the car seat was the worst. Not because of the aspect of cleaning it, but because I couldn't help the poor little boy. He just sat there, spewing out the contents of his belly, puking on himself. And he was obviously scared to death. Little babies just don't know what is going on when they puke and it scares them. The look of terror on his face while I was driving just broke my heart. I pulled over immediately, but by then he was done. It broke my heart not to be there for my boy, even though I was only 2 feet away from him.

Puking aside, he had a fever, runny nose, loss of appetite and bloody pus dripping out of his right ear. I got in with the doctor to get some antibiotics for his ear infection. Thank god he has tubes or that blood/pus would be killer pushing on his little eardrum. He's on the mend though, as no fever or puking today. And less snuggling time for mommy. Yesterday, all he wanted was me. Today, he was up and about - running around everywhere. But still being cranky, which is understandable.

Ella had a school play today in which she sang along with her class. One song was also done in sign language, which was really cool. In fact, this isn't the first time they do sign language along with singing. I'm so proud of her!

Allison has been a little terror lately. She is ~fine~ all day with me, but the moment Ella gets home, she acts like a little devil. I don't know why she's acting like she is. I guess it's due to having to share my attention. Whatever it is, it's really grinding on my nerves. I'm literally at a loss as of what to do. I'm dealing with it day by day, but I need to focus on a long term solution. I feel like I'm drowning in the daily drama when the big picture is what should be looked at.


jenn said...

Poor baby! I would feel so bad too- being able to see & talk to your kiddo but not hold or help keep the puke away from him! And him not understanding what's happening... ugh.

Sorry about Allie- the big picture is always the hardest to lose sight of, the daily drama just has a way of being so all-encompassing!

Lisa said...

Poor Karl! I sucks to have a puking baby. Hopefully the worse is over.

Way to go Ella! Sign language is pretty cool and I wished I had learned it myself. Although, I would have absolutely no use for it.

I wish I had some great advice for helping with Allison. But you are a great Mom and I am certain you will come up with something brilliant soon. More than likely when you have less on your plate. Hang in there!

Kristin said...

Poor Karl and poor you.

Very cool about Ella learning sign language with the song.

As for Allison, sit her down and explain in no uncertain terms that the way she is behaving is unacceptable. I know she is young but she's a smart cookie and can understand that. Also, figure out a consequence that will mean something to her and let her know that when she behaves like that, xyz will happen. It may work or it may not. It's a crap shoot with kids that age. Good luck.

Kate said...

poor little karl!! one of my guys has GERD & i am firmly convinced that vicious puking is some sort of evil torture for moms & babies. i hate it with a passion beyond words. glad your little man is on the med though!

i have no ideas for allison, just hopes that this too will pass & she will grow out of it ASAP.

Jenera said...

Must be something in the air. sam threw up last night in bed all over Aidan and his pillow but didn't get any on himself. Weird. Then he had the dry heaves where nothing was coming up and that freaked him out.

Two summers ago we were in the car and Aidan doesn't do well with extreme heat so I gave him a popsicle before we left. Halfway to where we were going he spewed every single bit of liquid that had been in his body. I was driving and couldn't pull over and he flipped out big time. It took forever to calm him down and clean him up.

Hopefully Karl feels better soon!

Morgan Owens said...

Nancy I miss you!!!

Anyways, poor Karl!! I'm glad he's feeling better now!

mommybird said...

Oh I hate that look of "what's happening to me mommy?" when they just don't know what's going on and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I hope he continues to feel better and is 100% again soon.