Friday, July 9, 2010

Birth order.

I was talking to my friend about karl not talking yet and she brought up birth order. Its all so true regarding how much birth order makes a difference in children.

Ella is the leader. Allie follows. Ella learned to walk, tallk and be potty trained all by the book for her age. Allie did some things faster by watching her not so much older sister doing it. Karl is a typical baby of the family. Everyone does/talks for him so he is not talking yet.

What birth order tidbits do you know about?
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Nico said...

second / middle child is a hellion. We are definitely seeing signs of that in Timmy already at less than two - he has a *temper*, very adventurous, VERY stubborn.

Sarah R said...

My hubby was the last of 8 and he didn't talk for awhile because he'd point and grunt and they'd just give him what he wanted! LOL, I'm sure you're much more into teaching than his mom was so I bet it won't be long.

..Soo.See.. said...

So funny you say that Karl is 'typical' baby. That's how SeaMonkay is. He points and grunts too and is all puppy eyes when he knows it'll work and be lovey w/ me when he knows it'll work to his advantage. Flirty smile and eyes and then gets away with it! Lol.. PetBolly isn't much of "a leader" - but is more talkative and assertive than his brother. He does like to show what HE wants and that he REALLY wants it though.. Lol

Melissa said...

My brother was the last of 4 and he didn't talk until later because I usually translated the grunts for him!