Friday, July 2, 2010

OMG - having one kid is so easy!

The girls went to grandma and papa's this week so I've had only Karl since Sunday. I miss my girls dearly, but WHOA. Having just Karl is the easiest thing ever. No fighting girls. No drama. I'm keeping my house clean. It's amazing.

We're leaving in the morning (depending on one of my best friends having her baby) to go up to Salida to spend the weekend and get my girls and I'm so excited. But a little bummed that the week is over already. Does that make me a horrible mom for liking the time away from them?

I can't imagine when grandma takes the entire troop with them for the week. The take them about twice a year and ~maybe~ next time she'll take Karl too. A week without any kids? I can't even fathom it. I would actually get to sleep past 7am. No way.

What about you? Do you have anyone who takes your kids for more than a day or two?


Rhonda said...

Whit has been to stay long term with his grandparents a few times but that was when Thad has been in the hospital. They (the grandparents) are taking BOTH of them this coming week while Bret and I enjoy a mini vacation in Chicago! I am definately looking forward to it.

Robin said...

I feel totally weird and like I'm forgetting something all the time when my mom has Allison or she's at school and I'm off (like this summer actually). I can sleep, watch whatever on TV... do anything I want. It's so weird. But nice!

jenn said...

Ha- I am pretty jealous over here! Pumpkin has only been babysat a handfull of times- once by sister at 4 months, once by brother-in-law and twice by grandparents. In 15 months the hub & I have gone out together 3 times for a few hours. We're both pretty distrustful of the local babysitter age kids & most of our friends are not quite local enough. With no family in the area either it is hard- but we just do a lot as the three of us.
Plus- with just one that's a ton easier than wrangling three!
And no- you are a wonderful mom who gets that happy mommies sometimes need a break!

Kristin said...

My parents do this too. Last summer my older two spent a week at their house. It was divine.

K77 said...

Nope :)

TDND said...

I'm lucky that my mom is only 45 minutes away. She babysits the monkey on Wednesdays so I can work, and on the occasional date night. :-)~

Although last date night turned into miscarriage night in the ER. :-(

I'm so grateful to have her so close.

Sarah R said...

Nobody has ever had either kid for more than a work day, but in August, I am in a wedding and my mom is taking Andrew overnight because he is horribly rotten at weddings and I am not going to chase him when I am IN the wedding party!

kate said...

one baby is a piece of cake! :) glad you got to enjoy some karl-time this week. & fw are brave enough to take on our 3 under 15 mos, altho my folks are willing for a few hours at a stretch. maybe when the kids get older we'll have more takers.