Sunday, October 10, 2010

A bunch of firsts for Karl.

The first "first" is Karl went peepee in the potty! It was bathtime and I took off his diaper and stood him on a little stool in front of the potty. Next thing I knew was he peed. Yay! I know it was just a fluke but awesome nonetheless.

The second first was I painted his toenails a dark blue/black. ~giggle~! He looks so cute with his toes painted. I thought tom would get pissed, but instead tom asked for me to paint ~his~ toenails! Both my boys are rocking painted toes.

The third first is we are having a campout in the living room. Everyone is sick in the house and running low grade fevers. Which means every kid wants to snuggle with mommy. So I put down five blankets on the ground to maee it ultra soft and then a sheet to cover up with. Each child has their own pillow and blankie and I figure we can all cuddle with one another tonight. I'll move them into their own beds as the night wears on. Or if they don't want to, I've got no qualms in having a little living room campout.

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areyoukiddingme said...

Living room campout - hmmm...that sounds like fun even if you're not sick! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

(Congrats on the first potty break! Since a lot of kids are afraid of it, it's probably more important than you think)

Kristin said...

Love the idea of a living room campout...and, you must, must, must get a pic of Karl's and Tom's feet with painted toes together.

April said...

'Tis the season for sickies unfortunately. Hunter and I have been feeling crappy for what seems like FOREVER. Ugh. Hope everyone feels better soon!

YAY for Karl, going pee on the potty! That is awesome!

Jamie said...

The living room camp out sounds like so much fun. That will be something your kids will always remember you doing for them.