Friday, January 4, 2008


Christmas was strange for me this year. It was spent at the inlaws instead of home. I have always spent all my childhood Christmas's at home while my husband always went to his Grandparents. So I can't "win" every year! This year was a special one, 15 people at the house (4 bedrooms) so it was insane. But, we (me and Tom and the kids) all had the old master bedroom, so we had our own bathroom. I couldn't complain much!

Here are some pictures of the big day. I didn't take too many this year due to all the people and I didn't get to see anyone open presents, but it was still really fun.

This was the Xmas Eve present. We always get to open ONE the night before.

The ALL IMPORTANT "panda". Don't know why, but the kids had this fascination with wanting a panda for Christmas. She asked Santa for it and talked about it constantly.

Which means, of course, both kids had to have one.

I was able to contain Ella for just a moment.

The girls got their princess dress up outfits. Definitely a hit. Who'd ever thunk this punk rock skater roller derby chick would end up with two little girly girls?

Wasn't able to contain Allie too well. I had to force it. (notice all the baby doll stuff)

Naptime showed just how tuckered out they were. Please tell me how that looks comfortable.

Playdough! Goodness, this kept them busy for HOURS. Thank you playdough Gods!

With 15 people to feed, this is how most meal preparation looked.

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