Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wow. What a day so far.

I took a friend to the airport at 4am this morning. Sounded like a perfectly reasonable request at the time, but when my alarm went off at 340am, just 30 minutes after getting Karl back down after his 3am feeding, it wasn't so reasonable anymore. Plus, Karl's "2 month" pediatrician appointment was at 9am which meant I wasn't going to be able to veg out all day.

I left the house at 355am and was back at home and in bed at 5am. I was wide awake. I started to tire a bit and then what do you know? Karl was up crying at 530am. A total non scheduled feeding time, so I got out of bed, gave him a bit of the boob and he was back out, in his crib at 545am. I listened to him fuss for about 15 minutes and he was out.

7ooam and the girls are now awake and I've been sleeping for less than an hour. I think Tom thought Karl was in the living room (had been sleeping in his swing due to grandma having his room for a week) and was trying to get the girls to be quiet cause I was sleeping but couldn't have them go into the living room either. I mutter "he's in his crib" and out they were quickly shuttled out the door.

730am, Tom is standing in front of me with a crying baby in his arms asking me if I want to get up and nurse him. I mutter something about bottle of breastmilk in fridge from pumping last night and back out I was.

Later on, no idea when, I hear Ella throwing a complete and utter fit. Almost enough for me to get up to find out what the issue was, but not quite enough. Tom was handling it. And then I hear the cry stop and the front door close. And them Tom's car start. Um. WTF? I glance at the clock. 8:49am. My appointment, 15 minutes away, is in 9 minutes. I FLY out of bed. I pull on the clothes I wore to the airport which were laying across the footboard of the bed. I run into bathroom, pee and pull my hair back. I have NO idea what I look like and I don't care. I run out into living room and find Karl sleeping in the swing. I pull him out and put him in carseat with jammies on. I run into nursery and get a set of clothes to change him into at Drs office. I'm in the car at 8:58am. I'm off. I call the Dr's office, let them know I'm late and ask them if they just want me to reschedule. They are cool with it and tell me to come in. Many apologies later, I'm there.

Karl is doing great! At 10w5d, he weighs 11lbs 6ozs. Amazing. I know I've done this with 3 babies now, but the fact that ~I~ am nourishing my children with mostly 100% breastmilk (due to all my medical issues and need for medication, i have had to give karl a few bottles of formula) and they thrive. I am so proud of myself for this achievement. I am so proud of my boobies.

He's in the 50th %tile for weight and 25th for height at 21.5". Pretty short dude. Ella was always in the 95th %tile in height and Allison was around 80%.

He did NOT get his shots, which pissed me off a bit, but I understood the issue. They explained the reason they didn't have the vaccinations and it's okay, but I wish I would have known ahead of time. I have to take him down to the health department's immunization clinic, which hopefully won't be a huge hassle, but I gotta do what I gotta do. My appointment is next wednesday, so I'll still be able to get his 4 month shots on time, as there will be at least 4 weeks in between them.

It's snowing now and hopefully I'll have a nice and quiet day with the little man. Tom leaves for Dallas in the wee hours of the morning so today is my last day of peacefulness until Sunday when he returns.


Miss Tori said...

It's only begun to sprinkle here at 1:48 pm, maybe we'll actually see some snow this time. I've forgotten what it looks like!

Is Tom flying out of Denver or Springs? Hopefully his flight isn't cancelled.

WTG on getting out of the house so quickly. I don't know that I'd be able to do that.

I showed DH Karl's pic of his onsie that says "I <3 Boobies." He wants one too! Oh, and he also told me that I can't do a video like yours. Now I want to! lol

Kerry said...

It sounds like you had quite the morning! That sucks that Karl could get his shots at his appointment this morning. I hate when stuff like that happens.

SNOW! How I would love to be in snowy weather right now. It's 86 degrees here and I'm in shorts and a tank top. I'm dreading the thought of summer.

Kerry said...

Sorry...I meant to say "couldn't" get his shots.

Lisa said...

My pediatrician informed me that it is normal for boys to be on the smaller side for their height when they are little. The reason is that they generally have a growth spurt when they are teens and that does not happen for girls.

So, the fact that my boys are already in the 80-95% for height means that they should be tall men!

Beautiful Mess said...

WHEW! that IS a crazy day! Way to go boobies!!! Hope you're able to relax some and maybe take a nap.

jenn said...

Seriously crazy day! Glad the little man is doing well- go wonder boobs!

Jennifer said...

Wow - that is definitely a day. Hope you're able to relax some and get some sleep. :)


Morgan said...

I have two questions, for on here. Since your boobs are fake, the cutest fake set I've ever seen by the way, how does that work with breastmilk? Nothing changes I guess? They can still produce like normal with the implants?

You are probably going to wonder why the fuck I'm asking this and I have no idea, just curiosity I guess...but have the girls ever walked in on you and Tom before? If they have, what did you say? (LOL I have no idea why im asking this!!)

Michelle said...

WOW definately a busy morning! Go SUPERWOMEN!! Just proves there that we mommies can do alot!!

Definately a great feeling to know you're the one making sure your baby is growing like that :D Congrats girl!

jon and tracy g said...

Wow, what a day! I hope you got some time to relax!


April said...

Yikes, snow? I'm so sorry to hear that! We had a nice day finally...about sixty on Saturday. I was outside in my jeans and tank top trying to soak up some vitamin D! LOL

Congrats on your boobies doing such a great job nourishing your little man! LOL

Anonymous said...

Having boobs that work is cool, esp after IF. Way to go on the BFing.

Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog, also glad your socks arrived :)