Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three kids asleep.


The girls went to bed without incident tonight. And by incident, I mean I didn't have to go in even one time to tell them to stop talking to one another. (which usually escalates and involves threatening something vital to them, like taking their blankie or fish tank away) My girls have always gone to sleep well until lately. Lately? Well, maybe a little longer than lately. They have bunk beds and they talk and play now, so that's the problem. I could put either of them down at night or naptime, alone, and down to sleep they would go. Now they are little partners sisters in crime.

Karl, on the other hand, has been awake for hours now, waking from his late afternoon / early evening nap around seven. He was still seemingly wide awake, but I simply did what I did with the girls. I put him in his crib, said goodnight, and walked out. He cried maybe 3 minutes and then silence. Unlike the girls, he actually likes his mobile (more on that next), and he'll spend some time watching it. And then ~poof~, he's out.


About the mobile. With the girls, I used the matching mobile. You know, the one you can get that matches the 'set' of bedding. The girls ~never~ looked at theirs. Ever. So this time, I got this one:

And he ~loves~ it. Loves it. Well worth the $40 I paid. I highly recommend going out of the matchy-matchy mindset when it comes to buying things to entertain your baby. I mean, seriously - how interesting to babies is watching a mobile that matches their sheets?

Anywho. Time for some wind down time for me and then off to dreamland. Hopefully.


Morgan said...

YAY! I bet it's nice to have them all you go get you some much needed zzz's!

That mobile it too cute, where did you get it?

Sarah R said...

Yay for sleeping kids! That is great that Karl is giong to bed so well for you. :) Does he sleep through the night?

Kristin said...

Love that mobile and anything that helps a baby go to sleep is gold!

Coco said...

Your like the 50th person to say that about that mobile! I will def be getting that one if I ever need one...

Steph said...

Love the mobile. Practical always wins over matchy-matchy. I agree.

Wow, so glad he just went to sleep for you!! We're going through that now (at almost 10 1/2 months) with Jake. He will have a bottle and is desperately wanting to go to sleep, and he will fight it HARD if you're still holding him..but as soon as I lay him down he grabs his binky and he's OUT, sleeping all night nearly every night.

My girls have bunk beds, too, and they will talk a LOT (they are also 5 and 3 1/2) most nights. Last night they fell asleep in a snap, though, which is unusual for them. And they always sleep on the bottom bunk together. Never apart. *shrug*


Robin said...

Partners in crime.. That's what's awesome about having a sister!

Ella said...

I must be out of the mobile loop -- what brand/type of mobile is it??

dahliah said...

I had the same mobile for my little girl and she loved it too.

mommybird said...

My two oldest are little partners in crime too. They don't share a room, but Dylan will sneak into Mia's room and they start giggling and tickling each other. They like to wait until I'm nursing the baby to get into trouble so they get more time for mischief before I can put a stop to it.