Sunday, April 25, 2010

happy birthday sweet pea!

Ella is 6 years old now. Quite crazy its been over a half a decade in our lives.

We had her party today although her birthday was Friday. We had 11 kids and even more adults at her party. It was at an inside amusement park and it seems like everyone had a great time. Expensive though, so that sucked.

Happy birthday sweet pea. Mommy and daddy (and brother and sister) love you so much!


Lisa said...

Happy birthday Ella! Glad to hear she had a great party.

mommybird said...

Happy Birthday Ella! We celebrated my daughter's Birthday this weekend too.

jenn said...

Wow! Happy birthday Ella- what a grown up girl!!!

Birdee said...

"Happy Birthday Ella!"

Oh this makes me so happy that I had a summer baby. I look forward to out door BBQ's, cupcakes in the sun, and pony rides! (Yes we have a friend who owns a pony) Something I could never do for Big B because it always snows on his Birthday.

And I'm trippin out she's 6!
Like, that is 6 years away from Jr High! Then another 6 years and they are gone! =( (not really but YKWIM)
They grow up too freaking fast!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Ella!