Friday, April 2, 2010


You know, they never tell you how long you REALLY will be dealing with wiping your children's butts when you get pregnant. If you have two under two (or multiples), you'll hear "you'll have TWO kids in diapers!!!" like it's a huge undertaking.

But they never say "you'll have to be wiping the butts of everyone under 5 years old!" regardless if they are potty trained or not.

Ugh. I'm really tired of wiping the butts of three children all at once. It's awesome.

In other unrelated news - Karl got tooth #7 in yesterday. The Captains Wife commented her baby girl, about the same age as Karl, has all ~16~ baby teeth in. Had I not had Ella, I'd be floored by the news, but even still, I am quite impressed. Ella had all her teeth, excluding her two year old molars, by her first birthday. The molars soon followed. With Allison, she was completely toothless on her first birthday. Her two year old molars are still not in. Ella has 4 more teeth than Allison still. karl seems to be taking the middle ground, getting teeth on an average schedule.

I got video of Karl running yesterday. But he's naked so I can't put that up for all to see. A baby butt is okay, butthe video contained it all. He's so super cute running.


areyoukiddingme said...

That's been my burning much longer do I have to wipe the butt? When can I expect her to do it herself? This sucks. Sigh. At least with diapers, you KNOW you don't want them doing it themselves.

How funny that all your kids have different schedules for their teeth! I would expect them to be much more similar.

Jen said...

It's funny how different kids can be in teething. Jillian is on the slower side too. Now that all 4 molars have made an appearance, we're up to 12 at 18 months I think.

Kristin said...

I had two kids on either extreme of the teething divide. The funny thing is that the one who was the late teether got his adult teeth in at a younger age.

Robin said...

You are so funny. I wonder when the butt wiping stops?

Jenera said...

Aidan for the most part wipes his own butt and he's four. But when he has the runs or other issues, I still gotta help every so often.

And Sam has almost all his teeth but Aidan was the same way.

Sarah R said...

Andrew is now all the way potty trained (even at night) but I will take wiping his butt over changing his diapers (or pooped in underwear)! :)

Andrew had 16 teeth by a year, then got had all molars in by 16 months. The teeth started coming in at 3 months. I am hoping Elise follows a more normal schedule. I will admit that I've already felt her gums because I'm scared!