Thursday, April 1, 2010

Run, Karl! RUN!

My little boy, the baby who just started walking, is now a track star. He puts his arms out for balance and then takes off running. ~So~ cute.

And the other day, he got his 6th tooth in.

What are your baby's recent milestones?


..Soo.See.. said...

Go, Karl, go!! The boys are yapping up a storm. Not just the same 2-letter syllable over and over, they are full blown trying to speak some garble!! They're also learning to mimic - as in putting on wedding rings, and shoes and jackets. So freakin' cute! Hope you and the kiddies are well! I feel like I miss you b/c I've hardly been commenting b/c my work pc SUCKS ass. xo

The Captain's Wife said...

Go Karl!

Kira started walking, I would say she is a "walker" now if asked. She also started to say "Thank you" and smiles real big.

Her last tooth also just popped through (she now has all 16 infant teeth) and brace yourself...she is starting to get her 2nd set of bottom molars!

Jen said...

Go Karl!

Jillian's 4th molar finally started coming in (getting molars has stretched into a 4 month project).

She learned to open and shut doors...ugh.

Christina said...

Annika is rolling over from tummy to back all the time now and is so, so close to rolling from her back to her tummy.

Becky said...

my 7mnth old baby boy Nick just cut his 4th tooth, 2 bottom and now 2 top, bring on the teething tablets and the tylenol.

Sarah R said...

That's how Andrew was too! He walked late and then went straight to running.

Elise is still a newborn, so nothing too new -- she is really porking out though and has very kissable cheeks. :)

Sara said...

Run, Karl, Run! That is so exciting! Payton is getting up on all 4's and soooo close to crawling. Maybe soon??

Jenera said...

Sam started running in the last couple weeks too. I love it! Except when he's running amok, lol.

Anonymous said...

TTG (20 months) has also recently started running. He's only been walking for a couple of months. He's also working on cooking, he likes to mix things.

He's also working on his 2yr old molars, 1 is through, another is just through, and the others are not far behind.

TBB (nearly 6) got a new belt in judo and lost his first tooth.