Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An average Monday night.

Our Monday night started out with the girls finding the most comfortable place in the house to read.

Please tell me when Ella grew from toddler to little girl? Because as far as I know, I just blinked and blammo - kid.

And then a new use for the laundry basket was found. It first started out with simple drops to the knees.

But it blossomed into full on jumping. It looks as if she's sitting on something, doesn't it?

Allison's jumps started out a little less graceful. Face plants.

But soon, she was in the game too, finding the courage to jump straight up too.

Ella with our tortoise, Peter Pan.

As I recover from surgery today, Ella is home with me. Unfortunately it's not to help mommy rest - she has a low grade fever. Low enough she doesn't realize she's sick, but high enough I couldn't send her to school.

I know this may sound a little terrible, but right now, I wish she felt her sickness. When kids are sick, at least when my kids are sick with a fever, all they want to do is lay down on the couch and watch a movie. This kind of behavior would really help me out right now. But since she doesn't even realize she's sick, I'm living the "mom-look-at-this" world every 2 minutes. But of course I don't hope she gets even more sick. I just need a little rest.

note - blogger's formatting when using pictures SUCKS. I'm going to have to go to straight html as I can't stand having to fix all the auto paragraph "formatting" they do! If this post doesn't look straight to you, I apologize. It looks formatted on my screen, which means it probably looks all goofed up to you.


Morgan said...

I coulda swore they both had blue eyes, i even commented on it onetime. They look brown in the pics...or is it just me?

nancy said...

Ella has blue eyes (just like her momma) and Allie has brown eyes (just like her daddy)

nancy said...

oh - and not the best to determine eye color on here. Ella's eyes are so damned light that she gets redeye in just about every single one fo her pictures. I always have to fix them, but when they get fixed, it takes away the true blue color.

jenn said...

Did you take these with your cell? If so I am quite impressed!

Heck- even if you didn't those jump shots are pretty sweet!

nancy said...

oh goodness no! When they are cellphone, I'll say it :)

Poltzie said...

That Ella looks just like you - both girls are beautiful and obviously highly athletic!

jamie said...

Format looks great to me.

KatieM said...

I can't believe how long Ella's hair is! I feel like I have watched them grow over this past year...how amazing!

Anonymous said...

This blog page is great Nancy! Thanks for sharing. :)

BTW, I love the last pic of Ella and Peter Pan...that name cracks me up.

Kaci said...

You have beautiful girls Nancy!