Monday, December 10, 2007

Cell Phone Picture Share #1

I take a lot of silly pictures on my cell phone. These pictures are never of great quality, but I don't want to just throw them away either. So I'm going to start to sharing various cell phone pictures here on occasion.

This is from a birthday party the girls attended a few weeks ago. They did dress up and now it's cupcake decorating time.

This was taken just a few days ago. We made the big switch to big girl panties and Allison couldn't be more excited about it!
This is a funny side effect of kids learning to "say cheese" while yelling SMILE during picture taking sessions. This is Ella's big cheesy grin.

Allison has started the cheesy grin face too. The funniest thing is the kids actually respond with "SAY CHEESE!" while making these great smile faces.


Morgan said...

Ohh OHH! Am I the first one to comment on your new blog? :)

Nancy, your kids are great and beautiful! Sometimes the "silly" pics are the best!

Anonymous said...

gotta love the cheese face!

jenn said...

Love, love, love the proud "I'm wearing big girl panties!"

I usually want to hear more about your girls- so I am glad you startedthis blog. It is really nice too that you have a dedicated "children' blog. You're the bestest!

jamie said...

Jenn said it all!!

Shayna said...

*Total* cuteness!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see you posting about the girls. I've missed it.

Searching said...

WHat beautiful girls!