Monday, December 17, 2007


We spent the holiday at the inlaws' house this year. Ella got to have her first taste of baking with the ladies (Grandma, Ella & Great Aunt Diane):

After baking, time was spent having fun. Here is Allison painting.

I spent so long curling Ella's hair. It was ~so~ cute, but she didn't care, as long as she could still climb and anything and everything.

It snowed quite a bit over the weekend so the girls went on their first sledding expedition. Except in their case, we used a rope and they got to ride the entire time, not just down the hills.

Allie wasn't really into the sledding part. But she did like the snow.

Ella has a fascination with eating the snow. After explaining how to get the best snow to eat, we share a bite of a snowball.


A said...

Your girls are just so beautiful!!!

Completely not related, but I had to tell you (because you came to mind when the question came up). I asked Mr. W yesterday how long after we have our first to wait to start trying for our second. His very quick response was, "Minimum 6 weeks." He then explained that he would be ready as soon as I was ready, that we weren't getting any younger. I could have hugged him (if I wasn't in the shower and he wasn't brushing his teeth)! But it all made me think of you!

Trisha said...

how fun nancy!

Jenera said...

I love the one of all the ladies cooking. That's adorable. And how much fun to have enough snow to sled on. Here in Idaho, it's snowed for the majority of the last couple of weeks but barely an inch each day then melts the next day then more the day after that. Quite annoying.

jennifercarol said...

Nancy they are too cute. And I especially love the pic of Allie in the snow!

Knucks said...

You don't know me but I've been a stalker of yours since frequenting the WebMD Pregnancy Boards in '05, you were pregnant with your second, me my first. They were born exactly a month apart. Regardless, I try to check in on your site occasionally to see pictures of the girls and finally decided to post a comment online. My dd turned 2 in September and I have a 10 month old son. Aside from my long introduction; your girls are so beautiful and I always enjoy your posts.

nancy said...

a - you be careful with that one! I NEVER thought we'd fall pregnant again so easily. And although I wouldn't trade in my allie for anything, I would NEVER do it again! 2 kids close in age, yet at very different growth = insanity. I know I already talked about this, but ack. It gives me shivers just THINKING about it! :) :) :)

knucks - Well hello there! Nice to see you get out of lurkdom! What was your webmd name? I totally may remember you.

And everyone else - thanks for looking and for the comments!

Shayna said...

I'm late but I just wanted to say "awwww, how CUTE!" hehe

Hope you didn't eat the yellow snow! LOL

Knucks said...

I can't even remember my WebMD name - probably something generic like mgcollins or mgc313. I rarely posted there; was mostly a fertility friend junky and had a super generic name there, 43Hg9Y or something. It took us a year to get pregnant with #1 and I was surprised with a BFP for #2 one month after I stopped nursing my dd.

Anyways, good luck with the TTC #3, foot recovery & glad I've finally introduced myself.