Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The stories a mother loves to tell.

You know the stories. The story a mother thinks is so cute or funny that they will blab it to anyone who will listen. Well, because I am also an IF sister, I can't just go blabbering these stories because I never know who could be listening. Even if I am telling a fellow mommy, who's to say the person within earshot isn't on yet another cd1?

Well, this is my "I'm not going to worry about it" blog. No "triggers". No "children mentioned" warnings. The mere existence of this blog is to be THAT mom who brags without abandon. And with that comes the stories I think are funny/cute and would honestly have no idea if they actually are stupid and boring. Here is the first installment of I'm sure, many more stories to come.

Story #1 - My baby is married!

Ella and Allison came into the living while I'm convalescing on the couch to tell me something very important. Here was the conversation.

Ella: "Mommy, I got married!"
Me: "You did?"
Ella simply beaming: "I just told you that mommy!"
Me: "Who did you marry?"
Ella: "Just my nightgown."
Me: "You married your nightgown?"
Ella: "No! I am wearing my nightgown you silly goose!"
Me: "Oh, you got married IN your nightgown."
Ella nods.
Me: "WHO did you marry?"
Ella points to Allie.
Me: "You married Allison?"
Ella: "Yup!" and with that acknowledgement, she reached out to her sister, they grabbed a hold of one another and bear hugged eachother.
Me pretty much melting.
Ella: "Allison's my sister." and another hug. Then off they ran to continue playing.

Story #2 - Just like mommy.

Allison is fully into pretend play now and I noticed how she's pretending to be me. These are just silly little things she did, but something about your daughter pretending to be YOU, well, there's nothing better.

The first example was when Allie was walking down the hallway with a really strange walk. I asked her what she was doing and she told me how her foot hurt because she had "Surgee".

The second was later this evening when it got a little quiet back where she was playing. Whenever it gets too quiet, you know you have to go check. I went into her bedroom and asked what she was doing. She answered "I'm working". As I turn the corner of the bunkbed, I see exactly what she is doing. She's sitting on her bed with her little toy laptop opened in front of her and she has her cinderella doll on her lap. As I walk out of the room, I hear her explaining to cinderella just what she is doing with the the computer, explaining the different buttons, etc. Just like I do when I work from home and Allie crawls in my own lap.


A said...

I'd have to say those stories aren't stupid or boring. How beautifully precious!!!!!

Shayna said...


First I laughed so hard at story #1 that I almost choked on my coffee. Then with story #2, I almost melted into it.

How sweet!

Julie said...

Too funny Nancy, Emma married Cam the other day too. Something about that sisterly love :)

Joy said...

What great stories Nancy! Your kids are too cute!!!!!

jenn said...

My heart is in a puddle on the floor right now!

Glennformer said...

Those are such great stories!