Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did you actually just do that?

I am at a loss as to what to do with Allison's new thing. She's spitting.

Where she got this? Beyond me. She's spat at her sister a few times (never in front of me) and then the other night, as Daddy was telling her something she didn't want to hear, she spat AT HIM! (I'm the disciplinarian here. She's ~never~ do that to me.)

Regardless if she's do it to me or not, it's not acceptable. When she did it to Daddy, she went directly to bed for the night.

Well, last night, after a very pleasant bath, they argued about who was getting out first. (yes, two kids close together = fighting about everything. EVERYTHING. They are basically at the same level so arguing about ridiculous things is not yet 'above' Miss Ella). I was turned around, picking up the dirty clothes and I heard it. Then Ella scream "SHE SPIT AT ME!!!".


Off to bed she went. It was a good hour before bedtime too. She didn't sleep, except just played in her bed (no toys). She's good at that - she can simply entertain herself by playing with her toes. Ahhh, on a side note, it's nice to be easily entertained. Just like her mommy.

I really don't know what to do except to keep punishing the behavior. It's never allowed and I will continue to send to bed. I just hope it will work. She certainly didn't look like she was having a hard time staying in her bed all by herself - she looked content. Oy vey.


Anonymous said...

i don't really have any answers for you on the spitting as my 2nd is doing that now to my oldest daughter. they are also very close together as your 2 are (16 months apart). its just nice to know that i'm not alone with the constant bickering. it drives me batty some days! good luck! if you find something that works, please share!!

Poltzie said...

Hi Nancy,
I hate to give advice because I don't have children yet but when I was taking my RSW we learned about natural and logical consequences. If you go with that theory (I alsways have when working with children but like I said I don't live with any so I'm not the expert by any means) then it would seem that going to bed early is not a logical consequence. The punishment doesn't really fit the crime if you know what I mean (especially if she is content to be in bed).
A logicial (according to the theory) consequence would be to figure out what she did wrong and amend it.
I would say that by spitting on her sister she was being disrespectful and that she needs to amend that. This could be by doing her "chores" for a day, giving her decision making power for a day, writing her an apology note (I know she is too young to write but if you made one up in big letters you could have her trace it) or a combination of them.
Just my suggestions, take what you like and throw the rest away!

nancy said...

Makes sense and I agree for an older child that could work, but not for a two year old. (heh. tracing at two! :) )