Monday, April 28, 2008

As a matter of fact, I ~do~ have another daughter!

I've been talking a lot about Ella recently - because of her birthday and then her subsequent birthday party.

I wanted to make a little post for miss allison too.

Miss Allison, or "Allie" as she likes to be called, is 2 years 8 months old. She's still getting new teeth (#19 just the other day) and she's showing me her brains everyday.

~ Her coloring skills are starting to improve greatly. She still colors things with pretty much one color, but she's coloring "in the lines" as much as she can.

~ Last night she accidentally drew an 'A' and was mighty impressed with herself.

~ She's totally a nudist. When it's nighttime and she doesn't want to sleep, I simply have to ask her if she wants to sleep naked and she says "I can take my panties off too?" and jumps into bed, ready to sleep naked.

~ She hasn't spit in anyone else's face. Yipee!

~ She gets very jealous of anything said/done to her sister. If we tell Ella's she's a good girl, Allie will burst out into tears saying "I'm a good girl too!!".

~ Her hair is starting to get out of control, but I want to grow it all out so it's all one length. Right now, it's almost too crazy for me to deal with. I simply put it in a ponytail on top of her head to get it out of her eyes. It looks hilarious, but it will be worth it.

That's about it. Nothing earth shattering, but to me - everything both my girls does is earth shattering.


Morgan said...

They are BOTH truely wonderful and beautiful girls! I'm still waiting on the "floam" pics! :)

MamaWise said...

My son sounds just like your daughter! He will be turning 3 in July, and it's amazing how much interesting stuff he started doing lately.