Saturday, April 26, 2008

Party Over. Momma sleeps.


Staying up until 2am working on party favors and then getting up at 630am to inflate balloons takes a lot of of you!

The party went wonderfully well. The food was great. All activities went as planned. We were all on time. Ella was done with her presents and I handed out goody bags at exactly 12:58pm. By 1, all 'short time' guests were gone (long time friends stayed as usual).

Then I slept. Hard.


jamie said...

happy birthday ella!

waitinginline said...

Hooray for everything going so well! I hope you enjoyed your well deserved sleep (because any mom that puts together a party like that deserves some great sleep afterwards).

KatieM said...

Yay! I'm glad the party went well, and you definitely deserve the sleep!

Laurel said...

Yeah you were gone even before your parents left. You were zonked!
Great party though and I'm still craving Johnny Carinos!