Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today is Ella's birthday party.

I think I went overboard by planning it out so early. I didn't know what would be going on in FET-land, so I needed to have everything done just in case.

Well, due to having "everything done", I bought the stuff early. And I was able to afford the luzery of buying what I wanted. Which meant from various places. And now, it all put together, I am that crazy "i've done too much for a 4 year old" mom.

Granted, this is probably one of her bigger parties (besides the big "one" party.) because it's too young to have parents drop her friends off here, but she's old enough to have invited 6 kids from school. So I have ~all~ our adult friends (with and without kids. which sucks for our best friends who both couple have IF issues. They know and I know and we all know this is something that they are choosing to come to. I wish I could make us all better.) and her school friends and their parents. The rsvp list is something like 19 adults and 14 kids. And I have a teeny house. Awesome.

So this is what I have:
~ normal party gear - plates, cups, tableclothes - all disney princess
~ princess cake
~ soda, juice, water, beer (come on, adults can have fun too)
~ pinata full of good candy
~ princess goodie boxes filled with princess items
~ dinosaur goodie boxes for any boys who attend
~ streamers and balloons (thank you for decorating laurel!)
~ one of those $20 helium tanks
~ large art table (had to buy the table)
~ table with 2 art projects: sand bottles and/or decorating and making those large pointy princess hats
~ and then $200 of food because I'm having Carino's cater it (I didn't know if I would be on bedrest of not).

Yeah. A little overboard, no?


Anonymous said...

nah :)

Jen said...

Who cares if you went overboard. It sounds like it was a wonderful birthday party, and Ella is really at an age where she can enjoy her big day. I love that your girls are so into princesses, especially since you don't come across as a princessy sort of girl yourself.

waitinginline said...


Now will you come throw me a party? It sounds like a blast!!