Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carebears are the Devil.

My girls went through a carebear phase where they would point out the carebears anytime we went to the store. So for the birthday or christmas or groundhog day or flag day (I seem to buy presents on any day), I bought them carebears.

With the carebears came the carebear cartoon, circa late 1980s. I remember these cartoons being around, but I was too old to watch them. I was at least 15 - 16 when they came out and I would much rather watch MTV than a stupid carebears cartoon. (and I look at a lot of annoying things I "missed" by being too old. And I thank my mother for getting pregnant with me in 1972. really.).

Anywho, the cartoons. They are terrible. TERRIBLE. And each comes with a couple commercials that I honestly think are from the 80s also. Think lots of side ponytails and yellows and greens. Oy vey.

My girls ~love~ these cartoons. Ella just came in and asked me "Mommy, will you watch our cartoons with us?" And while it was sweet she wants to me with mommy, I responded with a "HELL no." Yes, I even said Hell. I just can't do it. Carebears? And there is this character called "shreaky" that makes me want to drive hot pokers into my ear canals. How could any kid like this crap?

I guess I should mention a little about my cursing. I curse. A lot. When I had my first daughter, everyone said "You've got to stop cursing soon!". Yeah, yeah. But I didn't. Hell, I don't even think I can. I never edit my cursing. I curse in front of my parents. I curse at work. I curse everywhere. The "F-bomb" being one of my very favorite words.

My very best friend in the world is also a curser and she has kids 5 years older than mine. She told me a little story that made me feel loads better. Her philosophy on cursing is she curses and teaches the kids they are words for adults only. Sure, the kids would pick up on a bad word, but it was when they were young. By the time they were older and starting school, they lost their novelty and she had NEVER had a problem with them cursing. Sure, they'll probably use that language as early teens in front of their friends, but really, who cares? My kids will be punk rock anywho, so be it.

I do have to say I loved the first time my little girl used the f-bomb. I was holding a basket of laundry up in the air and my little one, allison, was crawling by my feet. I was gently pushing her booty to get her to keep moving and Ella took a look at her and said all exasperated, "Allison, get the fuck out of the way!". heh. I used the basket to hide my laughter and then explained that "fuck" is a bad word. This was about 2 years ago and she hasn't used it since.

So kill me that I'm a curser and I don't care if my kids hear me. That's me.


Kaci said...

That's freaking hilarious! Yeah, I said freaking...I'm trying not to curse, but I like your friend's logic. I agree - carebears are the devil, I remember my baby sis being into them.

Anonymous said...

I am the SAME way and haven't had a problem with my kids cussing either. My oldest is 7. Do as I say and not as I do, right?? (to a certain extent anyways)

BethH6703 said...

I have absolutely no input on the issue (other than that teenagers swear, whether their parents do or not), but I HAD to tell you that "get the fuck out of the way!" had me laughing out loud!

jamie said...

fucking love it! my son said one time "just give me my damn snack" it was so cute and so wrong at the same time!

Sarah R said...

Fucking Care Bears.

Katherine said...

My kid calls the dog "the FUCKING dog" in casual conversation and calls anyone who looks at him funny or pisses him off a "fucking idiot." In the past few days, he has also begun prefacing most nouns with the VERY descriptive phrase "fucking stupid little..." as in "fucking stupid little toothbrush" and "fucking stupid little cup." I don't WHERE he gets it!

shawn said...


Anonymous said...

I swear a lot on my blog. A bit in emails, depending on who the recipient is. In person, very little though. Except if I'm having an exchange with DP & there are no kids around/awake.

I have sworn in front of TBB on occasion accidentally, and he has repeated it.

I'm ok with words like stupid, idiot, damn, crap.