Sunday, June 22, 2008

Devil Worshipping.

I know I mentioned the Carebears are the devil, but if they are the devil, ChuckECheese must be their god.

I'm taking the plunge. We're taking the kids to ChuckECheese this afternoon. Kill me. Please?

I don't know why this really came about. I hate to admit that this ~was~ my idea. Yeah, suddenly I heard myself asking two children "Do you want to go to ChuckECheese?". I almost clasped my hands over my mouth, denying it was even said. But they sure heard it because I saw two little beings jumping up and down at the prospect.

Kids don't forget. You think their minds are more like minds of goldfish, where they reset every now and again. But oh no. They remember.

When my oldest was only 2 years old, my father told her "When you get older, I'm going to take you to Disneyland." First of all, I didn't even realize she knew what disneyland was, but the aspect of it was pretty exciting. Just about every morning, she would wake up to tell me Grandpa is taking her to disneyland when she gets older. And then I stopped hearing about it. The morning of her third birthday was different. She woke up to her birthday excitement saying "Mommy, I'm older now. Grandpa is going to take me to Disneyland." Whoa.

I had to explain that three wasn't the ripe old age of disneyland antics and she accepted that just fine. Until she turned 4. "Mommy, I'm older now. Grandpa is going to take me to Disneyland."

He better take her. That's all I'm saying.

So, what do you think the chances of her forgetting today is ChuckECheese day?


Anonymous said...

As far as her's the strongest headache medicine you can take now? Good luck!

~Joe said...

I'd say slim to none,:P ,I personally like chuck e cheese, I guess I'm weird but I like skee ball and kicking ass on a kiddie game and getting lots and lots of tickets, I guess your best bet to avoid a head ache is to go on a day when its not to crowded, good luck!

Christina said...

I won't even drive in the parking lot of the plaza where chuck e cheese is. Good luck!

Lara said...

I've learned they don't forget anything. I've also learned they don't get the concept of an unspecified time in the future like "when you're older" or "someday." At least in my experience, DS has to know specifics.

Fortunately for us there isn't a Chuck E. Cheese near us. I hope you survived!

Anonymous said...

Carter is the same way. When you tell him we are going somewhere he will remember it for days. We are going to Disney World in January and he reminds us everyday that we are going and how much he loves it. I have never taken the boys to Chuck E Cheese. We don't have one here or anywhere close by. Good luck.


Glennformer said...

I used to be a fan of ChuckECheese when I was younger, 27 or 28, but I've outgrown it. I used to go there for lunch, order my pizza, play Joust until my pizza was ready, then eat it in the cabaret room listening to Elvis. What could be better than that? Every once in a while there would be some kids party or something going on, which was AWFUL--kids running around screaming, spilling their drinks, not appreciating Elvis.