Sunday, June 29, 2008

My kids are so punk rock.

We took them to their first show yesterday.

It's my husband's friend's band and they are really, really good. They are a punk rock sublime type. (Called "Proper Villians") They played an outdoor show yesterday - perfect opportunity for the kids.

Hubby made t-shirts for the girls with the band's name and then put a skull and crossbones patch underneath, except the skull was actually a cupcake. So cool.

Then, he wanted them to have mohawks, so instead of an actual mohawk, I put a row of ponytails down their heads, but made little buns with them, so they had stubby mohawks.

I think everybody in attendance took a picture of them.

Oh, the best part was I have taught them to make the "rock on" symbol from the time they were really little, so they were walking around with their fingers up.


The drummer let the girls play drums before the 2nd set, so I have pictures of that too.

Pictures to come soon.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see pics!!! Sounds like a blast...and so stinking cute!

Morgan said...

Yeah i'm going to REALLY be anticipating those pics...I can see 'em already! TOO cute!

Jen said...

How fun! Can't wait for the pics.

Cate said...

I'm stoked to see those pictures!

KatieM said...

How awesome! I can't wait for pictures!

chicklet said...

Pictures pictures pictures dammit.

American in Norway said...

how cute! Y'all are some pretty cool parents! The pictures are adorable. i want to see a close up of the shirts!

American in Norway said...

OMG that is soo cute! I want to see the shirts. How fun!