Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Nursery is Done!

I've been working on the nursery since 8am this morning. It started out as an empty room with new carpet, but a closet full of our off season wardrobe. These are the things I have done today pretty much all by myself:

~ Put together a new shelf for the room
~ Cleaned changing table which was in the girl's room, holding their stuffed animals, blankies and miscellaneous baskets of toys. Cleaned out all baskets and stocked it with baby supplies. Recovered changing pad with an organic cotton cover.
~ Went to HellMart and exchanged 3 packs of girl pullups for newborn diapers. (Yes, I'm going to be using cloth diapers, but expect to use disposables for first few weeks.) Also bought a hanging closet shelf organizer.
~ Did Karl's first load of laundry - all his bedding and blankets.
~ Went to storage unit and got crib, glider, gender neutral sheets I had from the girls, bouncy seats, playgym and baby toys. Pretty much everything he'll use for the first few months. Left highchair, older baby toys, etc.
~ Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought heavy duty wardrobe to store our clothes. Also picked up some linen storage boxes to store toys and whatever in nursery.
~ Cleaned everything from storage, put together crib.
~ Put bedding, aquarium and mobile in crib.
~ Hung wall decor (some were there, so only had to reposition them)
~ Took out all our clothes, put them in storage bags and hung them on the rolling wardrobe I just put together.
~ Put up closet organizer and cleaned out everything else. It's empty and ready!

Here is how everything turned out ...

This poster is a subpop poster for a 1993 show in Tokyo featuring the supersuckers. Appropriate for a nursery, right? Oh, and those wall letters are totally even. They look so off in this picture that I went back in to look at them. It's just the photo, which, I may add, is bugging me.

The other orange curtain panel is on back order until mid December! So I simply have this one hanging to get the color scheme shown. I do have a new black metal curtain rod to hang, but I'll just wait until I get the other panel.

Check out this awesome shelf! Looks like a professional ~had~ to have put that together, doesn't it? ~wink~ I have two bouncy seats because I got the blue one for Ella, but she never liked it. When I had Allie, I bought her the papasan one, but ends up she liked the blue one. I'll never win. The poster is from a Fugazi and Shellac show Tom and I went to. We heard of the show, bought tickets to hold at will call and drove straight through from Colorado to Chicago. This was May, 1998. The next day, we drove to Kansas City and I attended my first Red Sox game. It was my first view into seeing Tom in his "element". Have you seen the movie "Fever Pitch"? Yeah, it was like that. Later that night, Tom told me he loved me for the very first time.

I just love the crib. LOVE it. The pictures on the left were paintings I found which seemed to represent both Tom and I as children. The girl is blonde haired, standing on the wet sand of a beach with her swimsuit riding up her little butt. The boy had light brown hair in a bowl cut, climbing a tree. It's almost like the artist painted these from childhood pictures.

I love the bedding. And I love the mobile. I am determined to get a mobile that grabs the attention of my child. The other mobiles I have gotten have just been your average mobile that matches the bedding. This time, I researched mobiles and ended up with this one. It plays 3 different classical music pieces, the arm itself moves left and right and the main part of the mobile rotates. Hell, it gets ~my~ attention, I'm confident the baby may actually glance at the thing once or twice.

This one just shows where the door is located. It also shows the infamous crib aquarium which each of my children have received as babies. Both Ella and Allison still use it, every night without fail, when they go to bed. It's been worth it's weight in gold.

I wish I had more room, but I have a teeny house. The nursery is actually the largest bedroom in the house, larger than the master bedroom by about 6-8"!! I see other blogs showing pictures of their nurseries and I'm just so damned jealous. But I do love what I put together.

This was me today, trying to leave to go to HellMart. It was such a nice day outside, I wanted to get photographic proof of wearing a sundress in November. (It even was so warm I took off that little sweater!) But my husband is the slowest picture taker on the planet and I was blinded by the sunlight, so no good picture. And it's another picture I just don't look too pregnant.

And then I turn to the side and dispel that myth!


jenn said...

It looks fantastic! I'll be lucky to even fit half of that into the nursery- not to mention getting it all done in a day! Our nursery is the smallest bedroom- it's barely 9x11- if that! I love the monkey bedding & you look adorable- very jealous of the sundress in november!

margelina said...

The aquarium wa sthe best thing in the worl, ever!!! All 3 kids have had them, each the "newest" version of it, but it's a miracle crib toy, I tell ya!!
Beautiful Nusery!!

Mermaid said...

Wow. It looks fantastic. You did a lot of work!

Hollie said...

Love the nursery! I'm a little jealous that you have everything together and ready for the baby! It looks so cute and inviting. I grew up in a very small house, and I never even knew it as a kid. You look cute in your sundress! I'm the opposite. It's so hot here during the day, I get excited when I get to wear longsleeve shirts and a sweater!

Wordgirl said...

You are blessed with one of those freakish non-pregnant from the back pregnancies --I'm jealous and NOT EVEN PREGNANT.

Beautiful nursery -- I LOVE orange -- its totally my color right now. I really wanted to have the couch recovered in this modern orange print and G would have NONE of it.



Jenera said...

What a cute room! Sam's room is our doorless closet in our bedroom but it's all good to go. Even though a bit cramped, it looks cute!

And I'm jealous of the sundress. Because my ass grew a foot to each side, I wear a sundress and it looks like a freakin' tent.

Mary said...

cute nursery! Love the monkeys!

Jen said...

The room looks fantastic! I'm jealous you are done. I've finally just gotten my husband to paint it...

And you look fabulous in the sundress. Just wait till Thursday when the snow comes... Boo

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

Totally dig the orange curtains and the mobile. Nice combo, Nancy. It's a lot of work, but it's so awesome.

Bravo! Now relax already.

To A T said...

Pics are so CUTE!!

My BFF just got the same mobile at her baby shower and is so excited about it! :)

Our "to be" nursery, if we ever get to make it that, is pretty small- 10x10 so I am hoping everything fits that we want to put in there.

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog BTW- it's nice to know someone out there understands :)

Jewels said...

Way Cute Baby Room!

Soxy Deb said...

The nursery looks awesome Nancy! You did a great job.

Sarah R said...

I love the nursery! It looks so awesome. Your house looks awesome, judging by the pics I've seen.

You look so nice--a little too nice for HellMart. ;) Bet money you were the nicest looking one there!

Karyn with a Y said...

Wow what a transformation from when I was there last! ;) It looks great. We have that mobile with different "animals". Molly Kate LOVES it. He's going to be here so soon. Oh and Shawn put pictures of mountians in Molly's room. So, hey anything is nursey appropriate.